About The UK Directory for Online Garden Shopping

The UK Directory of Garden Shopping Online first and foremost aims to provide gardening shoppers with a highly relevant list of suppliers who can supply the plants or garden products which they are seeking.
Listings Pages

In order to make this directory as useful as possible the directory maintains lists of suppliers for almost 350 categories of garden products and plants. These lists are sorted so that suppliers with the most comprehensive range of products or the most unique products or the best current offers are at the top of the list. (Conversely those suppliers who only sell only a limited range of products which can generally be found in a wide range of outlets and are not on special offer will be buried at the bottom of the list).

Category-Group Pages

For those visitors who are not looking for detailed listings we also maintain almost 40 category-group pages which list the top offers for the month and six “top” suppliers which we select annually from those listed in the relevant categories. These pages tend to rank higher in the search engines than the listings pages and consequently get more visitors.

Supplier Pages

In order to provide more detail about individual suppliers there is also an individual page for each supplier listed in the directory. This includes a large screenshot of their home page and details of the listings in which they are included.