Bird Feeders – UK online suppliers listing 2011

Bird Feeders

Thompson & Morgan UK

Thompson & Morgan produced their first catalogue in 1853! Today they are one of the oldest seed companies in the UK. They have now vastly expanded their range to include many types of plants and garden products.

  • Wide range of bird feeders
  • Peanut feeders, bread feeders, seed feeders
  • Nyger feeders, conqueror feeders
  • Hanging feeders, window feeders
  • Spiral feeders, squirrel resistant feeders


Wildforms sell wildlife gardening products, bird feeders & boxes, insect houses, hedgehog homes, accessories, gifts etc. all designed to make your garden more wildlife friendly and give nature a helping hand.

  • Peanut feeders
  • Seed feeders
  • Nyjer Feeders
  • Mealworm Feeders
  • Feeding Stations

Wild Bird Food Direct

“Wild Bird Direct is an independent online supplier of discount Wild Bird Food and Wild Bird Seed, Nest Boxes, Bird Tables and Feeding Accessories. We also supply Aquatic, Dog and Parrot Feeds as well as Pest Control products.”

  • Squirrel Proof Seed Feeders
  • Telescopic and/or Easy Fill Seed Feeders
  • Ceramic Seed Feeders
  • Sunflowerhearts and Niger Feeders
  • Apex Roof Twin Seed Feeders

The Bird Table

“The Bird Table is a site dedicated to the care of birds in the wild. Please feel free to browse our Online Shop, featuring our ‘Bird Table’ range of quality wild bird food… “

  • Wood, plastic, metal, ceramic feeders
  • Seed feeders, Nut feeders, Dual feeders
  • Squirrel safe feeders
  • Feeder accessories


“Haith’s wild bird foods with advice from Bill Oddie, Britain’s leading natural history broadcaster. The UK’s largest range of bird foods, bird feeders, bird tables, nest boxes… “

  • Huge range of bird feeders
  • Seed Feeders, Peanut Feeders
  • Niger Feeders, Soft Food Feeders
  • Squirrel Proof Feeders
  • Window Feeders, Suet Holders & much more!

Ruxley Manor Garden Centre

“We are one of the largest garden centres in South East England, stocking an extensive range of garden furniture, barbecues, water features, gardening products and gifts for all ages. Our hidden gems are our 8 beautiful show gardens and the …”

  • Antique Bird Feeders
  • Seed Feeders, Fat Feeders
  • Nut Feeders, Squirrel Proof Feeders
  • Heavy Duty Feeders
  • Peanut Feeders, Mealworm Feeders

The Wild Store

“Garden wildlife products, outdoor eco ideas and funky pet products including wild bird feeders, beneficial insect nest boxes, recycled products, pink dog kennels, solar fountains and garden poultry houses. We also offer Great gift ideas for all ages.”

  • Squirrel proof wild bird feeders
  • Wild bird feeding stations
  • Bird feeders made from recycled products
  • Poultry feeders
  • Chicken houses

Vine House Farm Bird Foods

“Vine House Farm Bird Foods supply a range of wild bird food and seed for garden birds. we offer a range of bird food mixes, many of which have been grown on our own conservation award winning farm.”

  • Hanging seed feeders
  • Peanut feeders
  • Live food feeders
  • Fat ball holders
  • Squirrel resistant feeders
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