Wild Bird Food – UK online suppliers listing 2010

Wild Bird Food

Thompson & Morgan UK

Thompson & Morgan produced their first catalogue in 1853! Today they are one of the oldest seed companies in the UK. They have now vastly expanded their range to include many types of plants and garden products.

  • Variety of bird foods for all garden birds
  • Table seed, sunflower hearts, mealworms
  • Nyger seed, seed bells, suet block feasts
  • Coconut feeder, gourmet robin blend & more

Soar Mill Seeds Wild Bird Food

Wild bird seed, mixes home grown from our farm in Devon together with related bird care products. Also environmental products from composting to bio degradable bags.

  • Wild Bird Food mixes, Single seeds & more
  • From our award-winning National Trust Farm
  • Blended & tested by those who know birds
  • Grown & nurtured by those who know farming
  • Mixes & seeds for every garden bird.

Wild Bird Food Direct

“Wild Bird Direct is an independent online supplier of discount Wild Bird Food and Wild Bird Seed, Nest Boxes, Bird Tables and Feeding Accessories. We also supply Aquatic, Dog and Parrot Feeds as well as Pest Control products.”

  • Wild Bird Peanuts & Seed Ranges
  • Wild Bird Fat Balls
  • Range of Suet Fat Blocks
  • Dried & Live Mealworms
  • Half-Coconut, Insect & Hanging Treats

Brinvale Bird Foods

“Brinvale Bird Foods produce a complete range of wild bird mixes here at our farm in the Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire. We also supply Sunflower Hearts, Peanuts and a wide seed range to attract all wild birds to your garden.”

  • Wide Selection of Wild Bird Food
  • Wild Bird Mixes , Sunflower Hearts
  • Peanuts, Niger, Seeds
  • Seed Feeders, Peanut Feeders
  • Free Next Day Delivery

CJ Wild Birdfoods Online

“High quality suppliers of bird foods, feeders, nestboxes and other wildlife and wildlife gardening related products. Order online – next day delivery to most of the UK for orders placed before 1pm. Numerous factfiles and articl…”

  • High quality, energy packed bird foods
  • Wde range of seeds, nuts and mixes
  • Fast delivery – usually next day!
  • CJ’s support the RSPCA and RHS

Garden Bird Supplies

Garden Bird Supplies Ltd was founded in the little country town of Wem in Shropshire in the autumn of 1994. Our aim was to provide a range of high-quality foods for wild birds, something surprisingly difficult to find even now…

  • The widest range of foods anywhere
  • Fats and food blocks
  • Food mixes
  • Live foods
  • Straight foods


“Haith’s wild bird foods with advice from Bill Oddie, Britain’s leading natural history broadcaster. The UK’s largest range of bird foods, bird feeders, bird tables, nest boxes… “

  • Original wild bird foods for garden birds
  • Sunflower hearts, summer seed, suet feasts
  • Feeder seed, Birdcake mixture
  • Softfoods, Live foods
  • Fat balls, Peanuts

Garden Warehouse

“Garden Warehouse stock over 2,500 professional garden products at low prices. From polytunnels & fruit cages; to irrigation pipe & fittings; equipment i.e. wheelbarrows, spreaders, trollies; pond liner, pumps, filters; polythene, ground cover… “

  • Wide range of wild bird feed / seed
  • Peanuts / Nyjer Seed / Sunflower Seeds
  • Suet treats / Bird table food & more
  • Full wild bird care advice
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