Raspberry Canes – Selecting the Best Raspberry Varieties for Your Garden

The main consideration when selecting your raspberry bushes will be the fruiting season and taste. Here are some of the best known varieties for each season.

Early Summer Raspberry Bushes

Fruit for about 4 weeks from late June

Glen Moy (left) – relatively new and resistant to greenfly. It has no spines and produces medium to large berries. Has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Mailing Jewel – old variety of raspberry bush which has now been grown for more than 30 years – dark red firm berries – resistant to virus infection – very good flavour. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Mid Summer Raspberry Bushes

Fruit for about 6 weeks from early July

Glen Ample – new very heavy yielding mid-season raspberry plant. Spine free with excellent taster. Large bright red fruits. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Glen Prosen – mid season equivalent of “Glen Moy” – often the two are planted together to give long season. Exceptionally firm fruit. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Late Summer Raspberry Bushes

Fruit for about 4/5 weeks from mid July

Octavia – new variety fruiting mainly in August With a heavy yield and sweet fruit.

Glen Magna – heavy yields of dark red fruit with very good flavour. Excellent for freezing. Good level of disease resistant. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Autumn Raspberry Bushes

Fruiting for up to 2 months from mid August.

Autumn Bliss – really heavy cropper – large attractive berries with good flavour – the “standard recommendation” for Autumn ripening raspberry canes. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Allgold (see left) – new yellow fruited variety – strongly coloured with distinct sweet flavour.

All above pictures reproduced courtesy of Thompson & Morgan.

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