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Raspberry Canes – 2009 Supplier Listing and Current Offers

To save you the need to visit numerous websites we have assembled on this page some autumn-fruiting raspberry canes which are available from the merchants listed on the right.

The descriptions are as shown on the store’s own website. Should you wish to get more information simply click the “Buy” button and you will be taken directly to the store’s own website from where get more information and make your purchase.


A chance seedling discovered amongst the nursery crop of Autumn Bliss. It has equal qualities and cropping time, however the main attribute of Allgold is its more exquisite flavour than the red fruited raspberry canes .The large, yellow raspberry fruits are excellent eaten fresh, and make delicious home made wine.Ready to harvest late August until mid October.

3 canes – £10.99

6 canes – £16.99 (save £5)

Autumn Bliss

One of the best and most reliable autumn fruiting varieties, producing a heavy crop of large, attractive red berries of firm texture and excellent flavour.Canes are short and sturdy, so plants are capable of growing in a sheltered garden without the need of any supports.Good resistance to Raspberry root rot disease and ready to harvest from late August until mid October.

3 canes – £7.99

6 canes – £13.99, 12 canes £19.99

Joan J

First Year Fruiting. An outstanding primocane variety that produces a heavy crop of juicy and sweet tasting berries over a long cropping period. Each berry is 30% larger than Autumn Bliss with a brighter colour and a superior flavour. Ideal for picking daily throughout the cropping season, starting at the end of July/early August continuing into October.

3 canes – £10.99

6 canes – £16.99, 12 canes £24.99

Raspberry Cane Autumn Collection

Collection comprises 9 canes of Autumn Bliss and 3 canes of Allgold. Two reliable autumn fruiting varieties. All of our Raspberries have been inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture for pests and diseases and certified. The bare root plants are hand graded and carefully selected before packing.

Raspberry Canes: Full Season Collection

Enjoy fresh Raspberries from late June to mid October. Collection comprises 3 canes each of: Glen Ample, Glen Moy and Autumn Bliss.

9 canes (3 of each) – £17.99

18 canes (6 of each) – £29.99

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