Plant Fertilisers – UK online suppliers listing 2011

Garden Plant Fertilisers

The Online Gardener

“We are the website for a number of independent garden centres around the UK, supplying a wide range of garden sundries, furniture, barbecues and watering equipment.”

  • Many plant feeds available – organic as well
  • Specialist feeds and trace elements available
  • from a range of suppliers.

Taylors Choice

“We offer a wide range of ‘proper’ gardening products, unlike many suppliers, we have stayed true to the keen gardener offering a vast array of horticultural products. “

  • Huge range ofgarden fertilisers
  • All purpose fertilisers, Bulk fertilisers
  • Fruit & Vegetable, Houseplant Fertilisers
  • Organic Fertilisers
  • Fertilisers for Ornamentals, Slow Release Fertilis

Ruxley Manor Garden Centre

“We are one of the largest garden centres in South East England, stocking an extensive range of garden furniture, barbecues, water features, gardening products and gifts for all ages. Our hidden gems are our 8 beautiful show gardens and the …”

  • Great value plant feeds
  • Slow release, soluble and liquid feeds
  • Includes Ericaceous plant food
  • Bonemeal, Epsom Salts
  • Organic Fertilisers

York Bonsai

“At York Bonsai we supply bonsai pots, bonsai trees, bonsai tools, bonsai soil and bonsai accessories at realistic prices combined with free advice to make it affordable, accessible and enjoyable”

  • Bonsai Feed
  • Chrysals Liquid Bonsai Food
  • Bio Gold Feed
  • Naruko (NPK 555)
  • Chempak Zero/10/10

Viresco (UK) Ltd

“Suppliers of aquatic and horticultural products. We supply micro-organism based products to suppress blanketweed and algae bloom in ponds and aquariums, and Bentonite for pond linings. We also supply growing media, Humates, seaweeds..”

  • Growing media and micro-organism products
  • Fertilisers
  • Seaweeds
  • Humates


“At Gavsgrow we have over 20 years of experience with degree qualified staff to help you through every stage and any problems, providing unrivalled customer support. We at Gavsgrow pride ourselves on our reputation of indepth knowledge …”

  • Organic, hydroponic and coco nutrients
  • Biobizz,House+Garden,Ionic,Vitalink
  • Liquids and powder fertilisers
  • Shetland seaweed extracts
  • Basic nutrients, stimulators and boosters

Garden Warehouse

“Garden Warehouse stock over 2,500 professional garden products at low prices. From polytunnels & fruit cages; to irrigation pipe & fittings; equipment i.e. wheelbarrows, spreaders, trollies; pond liner, pumps, filters; polythene, ground cover… “

  • Wide range GEM plant food / fertilisers
  • OSMO range organic fertilizers
  • Vitax granular / soluble fertilisers
  • Liquid & slow release fertilizers


“ sells growth boosting fertilisers worldwide Our products are suitable for a wide range of plants. We are UK based. Triplantanol products are exclusive to our company and only available direct from ourselves by mail order.”

  • Plant Fertiliser to boost growth
  • Suitable for a wide range of plants
  • Boosts leaves, roots and flower production
  • Contains growth stimulant triacontanol
  • Growth greater than by fertiliser alone
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