Plant Supports, Climber Supports – UK online suppliers listing 2010

Plant Supports

The Eastwold Company

“The Eastwold company manufacture and supply The largest range of high quality solid steel plant supports in the UK. Our products include bow plant supports, Gro thro plant supports linking supports, clip around ring supports… “

  • Bow supports
  • Grow thro supports
  • Ring supports
  • Cane ring supports
  • Spiral supports

Garden Warehouse

“Garden Warehouse stock over 2,500 professional garden products at low prices. From polytunnels & fruit cages; to irrigation pipe & fittings; equipment i.e. wheelbarrows, spreaders, trollies; pond liner, pumps, filters; polythene, ground cover… “

  • Bamboo canes, flower sticks & cane caps
  • Obelisks, plant support rings
  • Pot support clips

Room in the Garden

“Room in the Garden makes and supplies elegant designs in rusted iron: plant supports, arches, gazebos,pavilions, garden furniture. All items are hand-made in rusted iron at our own workshop in West Sussex. “

  • Rusted Iron plant supports
  • All shapes & sizes, elegant & practical
  • Solid, strong & very long lasting
  • No maintenance needed

Two Wests & Elliott

“Two Wests & Elliott aim to provide the widest range of greenhouse and gardening products around by keen gardeners for keen gardeners.”

  • Adjustable ties, soft ties, velcro ties
  • Gripple plant support system
  • Stakes, rings, clips, cane caps
  • Ring Master Plant Support, Crop Plant Support
  • Growbag support system, Gard n Hoop

Harrod Horticultural Supplies

“Harrod Horticultural Suppliers sell a wide range of garden equipment for the more serious gardener including organic products, fruit cages, raised beds, netting, plant supports, garden tools, composting equipment and much more.”

  • Link Stakes, Y Stakes
  • Plant Support Systems
  • Grow Through Rings, Border Restraints
  • Shrub Supports, Loop Stakes
  • Obelisks

Phoenix Labelling & Growers Products

“We supply a wide range of horticultural growers products. We specialise in waterproof plant labelling and printed labelling. We offer a range of greenhouse glazing clips and garden accessories to both the trade and retail.”

  • Twine & Raffia
  • Plant Klips
  • Orchid Clips
  • Link Plant Supports
  • Flexi Tie & Florifix

Panda Stix

“Panda Stix are rot-proof plant supports made from recycled plastic. They are very robust, don’t rot, can’t rust, and don’t split making them great for organic gardening. They are available in a range of colours..”

  • Plant supports from recycled plastic
  • Rot Proof – dark green, black, brown, red
  • Wigwam kits for runner beans & sweet peas
  • Tripod kits for your clematis
  • Grow rings & flexi hoops for your floppy

UK Bamboo Supplies

Bamboo poles supplier nationwide, huge range of bamboo products now available from stock hot tub spa gazebos and oriental Japanese garden structures buy online wholesale enquiries welcome.

  • Bamboo Poles Suppliers UK Nationwide
  • Natural black bamboo poles
  • Green dyed bamboo poles
  • Natural yellow bamboo poles
  • Construction Grade Canes
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