Acers – UK online suppliers listing 2012

Imberhorne Lane Nursery

“We are the UK’s Leading Camellia Specialists growing over 400 varieties. The Nursery also produces over 200 varieties of Rhododendrons and Azaleas, holds an extensive range of Acers and grows 67 varieties of Tree Peonies. A large range of shrubs… “

  • Lovely range of acers
  • Acer Conspicium, Acer Japonicum
  • Acer Negundo Flamingo
  • Many varieties of Acer Palmatum
  • Also Acer Shirasawanum

Junker’s Nursery

“We are a small family-run nursery where advice is freely given, specialising in choice and unusual hardy plants, most of which are woody. We propagate everything that we grow on site and the mother plants can be admired by visitors.”

  • Wide range of Acer cultivars
  • Wide range of sizes
  • All grown on site
  • Advice freely given
  • Delivery easily arranged

Bluebell Nursery

“We are a mail order and retail nursery that specialises in trees and shrubs, including very rare varieties. We also have a beautiful, nine acre woodland garden full of choice plants open daily to the public.

  • Many unusual Acer`s available!
  • Acer cappadocicum, circinatum, davidii
  • Acer freemanii, griseum, japonicum, palmatum
  • Acer rubrum, saccharum, tegmentosum, truncatum
  • Overnight mail order service

The Bodwen Nursery

Japanese maple specialists based near St Austell, Cornwall. A wide range of Japanese maples are available by mail order.

  • Specialist Japanese Maple Nursery
  • 30 years experience of growing Japanese Maples
  • Wide range of cultivars available
  • From Spring to Autumn

Crocus Online Garden Centre

Crocus Online Garden Centre launched in April 2000 and claim “have grown into the biggest garden website in the UK” They believe they are the only website to offer a significant range of plants.

  • Japanese maples (acer palmatum)
  • Red maples (Acer ‘Rubrum’)
  • Norway maples (eg. ‘Drummondii’)
  • Coral bark maples, Snake bark maples
  • Also ‘ Flamingo’ and ‘Paper bark’ maples

Big Plant Nursery

“Our nursery specialises in hardy exotic plants such as palms, bamboos, bananas and tree ferns. We also grow and stock a wide range of Japanese Maples, Ginkgos and unusual trees and shrubs, many of which are grafted on our own premises…”

  • All Acers grafted at our nursery
  • Wide variety of Japanese Maples
  • Larger plants of A. rubrum & varieties
  • Over 40 different cultivars available
  • Passionate and helpful staff

Mail Order Trees

“Mail Order Trees does far more than their name first suggests. As well as being specialist fruit and ornamental tree growers, supplying nurseries and other mail order outlets nationwide, this nursery also offers home grown evergreen and deciduous …”

  • 14 Varieties of Maple & Sycamore Trees
  • 10 Varieties of Japanese Maples
  • All supplied as large trees in 10L + containers

Binny Plants

“Scotland`s leading plants nursery specialising in Herbaceous plants with over 250 varieties of peonies, 150 different irises plus grasses, ferns and lots of unusual shrubs and trees.”

  • Acers – over 20 varieties & species
  • Acer palmatums
  • Acer cappadocicum
  • Acer circinatum – “the vine Maple”
  • And many more!
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