Acers – UK online suppliers listing 2010

The Plant Directory

“The Plant Directory is an on-line garden superstore which supplies a large range of plants and garden related items, just like you would find in an ordinary garden centre. Low prices, fast delivery, free shipping on orders over £30, free return ..”

  • Japanese Acers
  • Numerous varieties, container grown
  • Shipped all year round
  • Free delivery on orders over £30

Brookside Nursery

Established Plant Nursery & Garden Centre located in the historic village of Hints near Tamworth (Staffordshire) We have a great range of Bedding Plants, Container Plants, Shrubs, Perennials, Fruit and Vegetable Plants. All supplied as plug plants ..”

  • Acer palmatum Atropurpureum
  • Garden Ready Plants
  • Free Delivery For OrdersOver £40

Thornhayes Nursery

“A 33 acre nursery in rural Devon growing one of the largest ranges of ornamental and fruit trees in the UK, both field and container grown, from whip to heavy standard sizes.”

  • A complete range of maples including many
  • rare species.
  • Field and Container grown

Trees Direct

“The original company sending trees as gifts for any occasion, such as Birthdays (with special birthday trees following the celtic calender,each with their scroll describing the qualities, myths & legends of the Birthday tree….”

  • Acer palmatum purpureum & Coral Bark Maple
  • 3 or 5 litre pots
  • Gift wrapped from £30
  • Next day delivery if required
  • Grown in Herefordshire

Tree Shop (Forest of Dean)

“ is owned and run by Woodland Improvement & Conservation Limited. Established in 1937 we are one of the UK’s longest established silvicultural nurseries.”

  • Maples for the Garden
  • Flamingo Maple, Field Maple
  • Garnet Maple, Variegated Maples
  • Grey Snakebark Maple

Jacksons Nurseries Online

“Jacksons Nurseries are based in Bagnall, Staffordshire, we aim to offer a massive selection of plants and garden items online at very competitive prices. “

  • Excellent selection of Japanese Maples
  • Various sizes & colours for your garden
  • Mature trees
  • Acer Grisium, Redwood, Garnet, Ornatum
  • Viridis, Shidare, Shaina, Beni Maiko

Trees Online

“Trees Online have a vast stock of UK garden trees for sale. We sell apple, cherry, olive and many other fruit trees along with aspen, ash, magnolia, oak and other garden ornamental flowering species. We have a wide selection of cheap wholesale … “

  • Many types of Acer available
  • Some with free delivery
  • Fast delivery on all Acer trees
  • Tree consultant to answer questions

Wreford Hedging, Trees and Topiary

“Wreford Hedging, Trees and Topiary have a great deal to offer in terms of product range, advice, and service. We specialize in mature, instant hedging, semi-mature trees, and unique specimen topiary. Our strength lies in the combination of having …”

  • Large variety of Acers
  • Small patio Acers to large tree forms
  • Excellent range of foliage colours
  • Free delivery on orders over £50
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