Conifers – UK online suppliers listing 2010


Mail Order Trees

“Mail Order Trees does far more than their name first suggests. As well as being specialist fruit and ornamental tree growers, supplying nurseries and other mail order outlets nationwide, this nursery also offers home grown evergreen and deciduous …”

  • Choose from over 200 varieties of conifers.
  • Cedrus, Chamaecyparis, Cryptomeria, Leylandii,
  • Juniperus, Platycladus, Podycarpus, Taxus
  • Available in a range of sizes 1-10 Litre container

Jacksons Nurseries Online

“Jacksons Nurseries are based in Bagnall, Staffordshire, we aim to offer a massive selection of plants and garden items online at very competitive prices. “

  • Extensive range of conifers available
  • Fully illustrated online catalogue
  • Firs, Spruces, Monkey Puzzle Trees
  • Cedars, Cypresses, Junipers
  • Dwarf, Small & Tall Conifers

Wyevale Garden Centres Online

Wyevale Garden Centres are a rapidly expanding garden centre chain and have many stores throughout England and Wales. They now have an extensive online store where you can arrange delivery direct to your home (or garden!)

  • Great range of conifers
  • Green, Yellow, Silver-Grey, Blue
  • Cream, Purple, Red & White
  • Lawson’s Cypress, Flaky Juniper,
  • Swiss Mountain Pine & many more!

Barretts Bridge Nurseries

“Our product the ‘Swiftplug’ is a 3cm cell, home grown plug plant. Our range includes: Alpines, Perennials, Herbs, Conifers, Shrubs and Clematis. Over 1,000 varieties listed in an availability list mailed monthly. Minimum order 480 plants.. “

  • Bare rooted conifer cuttings
  • 50 varieties on offer each month
  • Easy online ordering facility

Ashridge Trees

“Ashridge trees is a bare-root & potted plant “Aladdin`s cave”. You will find a huge range of hedging, trees, fruit plants, roses and planting accessories, You save 5% ordering online & there are wholesale discounts on most items.”

  • Nearly 20 Different Conifers
  • Some plants available all year in pots
  • Free delivery on orders over £250
  • Bare-root plants are Guranteed
  • Save 5% on online orders

Bluebell Nursery

“We are a mail order and retail nursery that specialises in trees and shrubs, including very rare varieties. We also have a beautiful, nine acre woodland garden full of choice plants open daily to the public.

  • Wide range of unusual Conifers
  • Fir, Juniper, Spruce, Yew, Cedar, Cryptomeria,
  • Dawn Redwood, Giant Redwood, Ginkgo, Taxodium
  • Detailed descriptions and photos
  • Overnight mail order service

Tree Shop (Scotland)

“Tree Shop is located by the shores of beautiful Loch Fyne on the West coast of Scotland. Our neighbours are the world famous Loch Fyne Oysters. Visitors will be impressed with spectacular scenic views of the Loch and surrounding mountains.”

  • Wide range of Conifers available
  • Abies (Fir), Cedrus (Cedar), Picea (Spruce)
  • Gingko biloba
  • Metasequoia glyptostroboides
  • Many unusual varieties stocked

Conwy Trees

“Conwy Trees is a small business based in the Conwy Valley which enables the public to order trees, hedging plants, shrubs, reeds and wildflowers through the Conwy Trees website with complete security which are then delivered to the door”

  • By conifer saplings online today
  • Choose from over 20 species all
  • delivered to your door within days.
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