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Maples have become very popular trees for the garden.   The websites listed below all offer japanese maples. A japanese maple nursery usually stocks a wide variety of acer palmatum trees.   

Other nurseries and garden centres tend to offer a wider variety of maples (acers) including those known for their bark such as Acer griseum (paper bark maple) or Acer platanoides “Drummondii” (Norway maple).

Crocus Online Garden Centre

Crocus, amongst many other trees, sell a range of acers.   These include many of the popular varieties of maple trees,  including the Japanese maple, Acer palmatum “Bloodgood”  and other acers such as the paper bark maple Acer griseum. Based in Windlesham, Surrey, the plants can be ordered directly through their website.

Ornamental Tree Nurseries

A family-run retail and wholesale tree nursery which has a 30 acre site in the Herefordshire countryside.  They have an extensive range of over 35 varieties of acers (both canadian maples trees and japanese maples).  Popular varieties include the japanese maple tree – acer palmatum “Bloodgood” and other maple trees such as Acer griseum and Acer platanoides “Drummondii”.   Order through the website or phone or mail if you prefer.


Norfields, gold medal winners at Chelsea and Hampton Court, last year,  offer  more than 30 species of acer palmatum trees (Japanese maples) and many other acers.  They also sell maple tree seedlings for the more adventurous gardener!   Although only available by mail order, their extensive catalogue can be viewed on their website.  Based in Usk, Monmouthshire.

Heathside Nurseries

Heathside Nurseries is a family-run Japanese maple nursery based near Norwich.   Their website includes many pictures of Japanese maples and some guidance on how to care for your young maple trees.   All trees are container-grown and so can be planted at most times of year.   Orders can be taken through the website or by phone.  

The Bodwen Nursery

The Bodwen nursery website specialise in Japanese maples and has more than 150 varieties of acer palmatum (with pictures of several of them).  This Japanese maple nursery also sells 1 year and 3 year old maple tree seedlings.   Based near St Austell in Cornwall, all the maple trees can be ordered via post.  

The Japanese Garden and Bonsai Nursery

If you are planning a Japanese garden then you should pay this site a visit.  You will find many varieties of Japanese maples together with bamboos, grasses, granite, buddhas etc.   If you are visiting the nursery based near Newquay in Cornwall you will also want to see the Japanese garden created by the nursery’s owners.    Although the catalogue is on the website, ordering is by mail order only.

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