Alpines & Rockery Plants – Six Top UK Online Suppliers

Pottertons Nursery are a specialist alpine nursery based in North Lincolnshire.  They send alpines, dwarf bulbs and plants for rockeries around the world.   They have an extensive listing of individual alpines but also sell several collections including a plant collection for rockeries, alpines suitable for an alpine house, trough reliable free-flowering alpines etc.  Orders can be placed through the website, by phone or mail.

Fir Tree Farm Nursery

Fir Tree Farm Nursery,  based near Falmouth in Cornwall, stocks a large number of alpines and plants for rockeries.   The A-Z index includes many species of favourite alpines such as dianthus, erodium, oxalis and  pulsatilla.   Your plants need to be ordered by post (you can print an order form from the website).  

Mendle Nursery

Mendle Nursery, based in Scunthorpe, is a specialist alpine nursery with a particular interest in sempervivum and saxifraga.  Their catalogue includes many hundreds of sempervivum (both species and cultivars),  saxifraga and other alpines including phlox, dianthus and oxalis.   Orders for your plants should be placed by mail. 

The Alpine and Grass Nursery

The Alpine and Grass Nursery was started in 2002 by alpine plant enthusiasts.   The plants are available in boxes of 15 potted varieties – you can choose from the extensive A-Z catalogue which is updated for availability or allow the nursery to make a choice for you.   Many varieties of popular alpines such as phlox, saxifraga and primula and many rare varieties.   Mail order only.

Graham’s Hardy Plants

Graham Nicholls, the author of “Alpine plants of North America” runs a small specialist mail-order alpine nursery.   The nursery specialises in the supply of rare and choice alpines and rockery plants.   The catalogue includes many varieties of dwarf penstemon,  campanulas and primulas and much else.  You can order your plants by post.


Plantagogo is the name of the online shop for the Jubilee Cottage Nursery based in Cheshire. You can buy either mixed packs of plants or individual plants such phlox (which makes an excellent rockery plant),  dwarf dianthus (another good rockery plant) and select varieties of the alpine plant sempervivum. Orders can be placed and paid for online or you can pay by phone or post if you prefer.

Other Websites Selling Alpines & Rockery Plants

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