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This is the inaugural 2006 directory. For the 2009 directory and details of current offers (updated monthly) please use the following links.

Bedding Plants – Current Offers & Six Top Suppliers 2009

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Pelargoniums (Geraniums)

Six of the best sites for

Bedding plants are widely available by mail order. If you are looking for plants for baskets (trailers) or  containers (patio varieties) or simply annuals for the borders then you should be able to find plenty of suitable varieties in the websites listed below. 

Do note that geraniums (pelargoniums) and fuchsias have their own pages!  

Thompson and Morgan

Thompson & Morgan, based in Sudbury, Suffolk were founded nearly 150 years ago.  They have a huge range of bedding available by mail order as plugs or larger sizes.   Check out their range of bedding, basket, trailing and patio cultivars.  Includes regulars like busy lizzies, begonias, pansies and petunias.  Order & pay through the website or by phone or post.

Gardening Direct

Gardening Direct based in Witham, Essex have all the well-loved annuals (impatiens, petunias, begonia plants, pansies, lobelia, and many more).  Most are available in a variety of sizes from small plugs for growing on to jumbo plants ready to use in baskets or put straight into the garden.  Order & pay through the website or by phone or post.


Suttons was established 200 years ago.   Famous for their seeds, they now offer a wide range of bedding.   The A-Z index runs from ageratum to zinnia including along the way impatiens, lobelia, nasturtium, osteospermum, pansies, petunias, stocks and verbena and many many more!  Many available in various sizes ranging from miniplants to pot ready.    Order & pay through the website or by phone or post.

Van Meuwen

Based in Spalding, Lincolnshire Van Meuwen offer a wide range of varieties by mail order including many a bedding plant!   So whether you are looking for trailers for your baskets or patio cultivars for your containers then it is worth having a look.  Order and pay through the website, or by phone or post.

Mail Order Bedding Plants

Based in Jersey this company have a more limited range that some of the others but do have a range of geraniums, impatiens, petunias, begonia plants, ganzanias, lobelias, pansies and petunias.  Many of them are available as plugs, “readies” or jumbo plants.   

Plant Connection (Roundstone Nurseries)

Based in the Chichester area,  Plant Connection offer a range of plants for basket borders and containers to brighten up the garden.  So whether you are looking for is a marguerite, verbena, lobelia, impatiens, bacopa, or million bells it is worth having a look.   Orders can be placed and paid for through the website.  

Other Websites Selling Bedding Plants

Jersey Bedding Plants

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