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Six of the best sites for

Below you will find some specialist fern nurseries and other more general nurseries with an interest in ferns. 

Fibrex Nurseries

Fibrex Nurseries are a family business established more than 46 years ago,  based in the Warwickshire countryside.  One of their specialties is hardy fern varieties – all of which are propagated and grown in their own fern nursery.   They also have many fern collections – ferns for beginners, damp shade, dry shade etc.  Orders and payment can be accepted through the website but you can post payment if you prefer.


Fernatix, are based in Suffolk, and if you have visited any major garden shows recently you will have seen their fern displays!  Although they only sell by mail order their fern nursery has an extensive catalogue of hardy fern varieties (and some less hardy) on their website including popular varieties such as the lady fern, japanese painted fern and a limited number of types of tree fern.

Coblands Nurseries – Best 4 Plants

Coblands Nurseries grows over a million plants a year in the “coblands” of Kent. They are a well-known for their trade sales but now also have a retail plant centre in Reading and sell online. They have a wide variety of ferns available.

Long Acre Plants

Long Acre Plants is a plantsmans’s nursery based in Somerset.  They specialise in perennials, ferns and bulbs for woodland gardens.   Their catalogue includes a wide range of woodland ferns including several varieties of lady fern.   They also sell young tree fern plants (Dicksonia Antarctica).  Orders and payments can be made online or by post.

Binny Plants

Binny Plants, based in West Lothian, supply tough Scottish grown plants including many garden and woodland ferns.   Usefully you can choose to display only those varieties which are suitable for certain conditions.  The catalogue includes several varieties of many fern species including lady fern and the japanese painted fern.   Order and pay through the website, or by phone, or mail.

The Fern Nursery

The Fern Nursery based in Lincolnshire specialise in hardy fern plants although they do also stock a limited number of tree fern plants such as the Dicksonia Antarctica tree fern.    There is a lot of fern information on the website including recommendations for using ferns in rockeries and borders.  Orders can be placed through the website or by post. 

Other Websites Selling Ferns

Rickards Hardy Ferns

A specialist nursery with the widest range of native, foreign and tree ferns in the UK


Offering many quality plants, ferns, topiary, bay trees, bamboo, and ornamental grasses.

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