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Fruit Trees

Thompson & Morgan Fruit Trees

Specialists in the supply and delivery of fruit trees online, T&M are the UK’s largest online fruit trees store . Experts in the fruit tree industry since 1855 they have a vast selection of fruit trees available for delivery to your door. Click here to view now.

Where to Buy Fruit Trees Online

Fruit trees are widely available online including apple trees, pear trees, plum trees, cherry trees and many more exotic varieties.  You can choose between buying your fruit trees from one of the country’s leading fruit tree nurseries, general plant nurseries which are open to the public and garden nurseries/retailers who only sell online.
Ultimately the choice is yours – your choice will depend on your budget, how particular you are about getting “just the right fruit trees” for your garden,  whether you want to buy other plants at the same time, and also how much specialist advice you require about your fruit trees.

Online Plant Nurseries and Retailers

You will find many other businesses that sell fruit trees. These vary from companies have been around for over a hundred years and before the internet did most of their business via mail order catalogues to those that have sprung up in the last few years to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet. These nurseries/retailers are often able to use economies of scale to offer some good bargains and many of them have an good range of the more popular fruit trees.

Online Plant Retailers selling fruit trees

Specialist Fruit Tree Nurseries

There are many specialist fruit tree growers in the UK most of whom now have extensive websites enabling you to browse through the various varieties of apple trees, pear trees, plum trees and cherry trees available.   They are usually able to give you lots of advice on which fruit trees will be best for your garden and also which rootstocks will be most suitable.   You will also find that these specialist nurseries have the widest selection varieties and tree forms (eg. espaliers, cordons, stopovers, family trees etc).

Whether or not you buy your fruit trees from a specialist nursery you can still use their websites for advice on planting your trees, fertilizing, pruning and dealing with various pests and diseases.

Specialist Fruit Nurseries

Plant Nurseries and Garden Centres (open to the Public)

There are many general plant nurseries which are open to the public and who can supply a good range of fruit trees either online or to those who visit their nursery.  Most of these nurseries will either grow the fruit trees themselves or buy them in from a specialist grower.  Their range is usually more limited than the specialist grower.

Online Garden Centres selling Fruit Trees

Some Advice

Not all companies trading on the internet (or anywhere else) are as reputable as others. The level of customer service and quality of plants supplied does vary. We would always recommend that you independently research any company before buying from them.

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