Hedging Plants – Six Top UK Online Suppliers


Evergreen hedging or deciduous hedging?  Tall or short?  Flowering or not?  Rose hedge? Yew hedge? Copper beech hedge?   There are many choices!  

The websites listed below are some of the UK’s top suppliers.  They can all supply direct to your door.  There are separate pages for the suppliers of beech hedging, privet hedging and laurel hedging.

Spalding Plant & Bulb Co

The Spalding Plant & Bulb Company is part of the largest mail-order company for all garden-related products in Europe. They sell a number of hedging plants including hornbeam, leylandii, privet and rose. They also have a number of hedge collections including evergreen, fragrant, four seasons and berry.

Coblands Nurseries – Best 4 Plants

Coblands Nurseries grows over a million plants a year in the “coblands” of Kent. They are a well-known for their trade sales but now also have a retail plant centre in Reading and sell online. They have a wide variety of hedging plants available and also sell a number of bareroot hedging mixes.

Buckingham Nurseries

Buckingham Nurseries is a garden centre in Buckingham (Bucks) with a well-known established mail order business.   They sell well in excess of 100 types of hedging plant including many varieties of box, berberis, laurel, and yew.  Most are supplied as bare root plants but some are also available as plugs.   Order through the website or by phone or mail if you prefer.

Rumwood Nurseries and Garden Centre

Rumwood Nurseries are specialist rose and hedge growers selling both to the trade and public.   They sell many suitable evergreen plants as a box (buxus sempervirens) or laurel hedge, and decidious plants such as a rose hedge or beech hedge. You can order through the website or if you prefer by fax, phone or mail order.   

Glebe Farm Hedging

A family-run business based on a farm near Colchester, Glebe Farm offers more than 100 varieties of hedges.  Most are supplied as young bare-root plants but many such as box, laurel and yew can be provided as pot grown plants to be transplanted at any time of year.

The Garden.co.uk

This on-line garden shop is based near Chichester in Sussex and carries a range of bare-root plants.   The range includes evergreens such as box (buxus sempervirens),  or yew and deciduous varieties such as beech or willow.  Orders can be placed on line.  You will then be contacted to arrange payment method.

Ornamental Tree Nurseries

A family-run retail and wholesale tree nursery which has a 30 acre site in the Herefordshire countryside where they grow most of their own stock, including a range of native hedge plants such as viburnum, spindle etc.  You can also get the more popular garden varieties such as box, yew, holly, beech etc.  Order through the website or phone or mail if you prefer.

Please note this page is an old listing which is why the links have now been removed.

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