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Hostas are very popular garden plants. Hosta plants provide spectacular foliage and work particularly well in shade (although there are some hostas which enjoy the sun).  

Below you will find specialist hosta nurseries and other plant nurseries with a good selection of hostas.

Park Green Nurseries

Park Green Nurseries, a specialist hosta nursery, has been established over 20 years and is based in Suffolk. They stock more than 200 varieties of hosta plants which can be acquired through their online shop, Hostas Online.   These include home-raised varieties such as Hosta “Sarah Kennedy”,  Hosta “Royal Golden Jubilee” and Hosta “Fran Godfrey”.   Orders can be placed through the website, phone or by post.

Bowden Hostas

Based in Okehampton, Devon this hosta nursery boasts the finest collection of hosta plants in the UK.  The website includes a comprehensive list and includes new varieties such as the hosta plant “Yellow River”,  hosta plant “White Feather” and hosta plant “Whirlwind” among others.  There are also several hosta collections available.   Online ordering.

Mickfield Hostas

Mickfield hostas is a major hosta nursery and exhibits hosta plants at many shows.   The website contains a comprehensive A-Z listing and includes such hostas as Hosta “Patricia”,  Hosta “Gold Standard” and Hosta “American Dream”.   There is also information on the website about combating slugs, snails and vine weevils.   Orders should be placed by email.

Apple Court

Apple Court is a garden on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire.    The nursery specialises in ornamental grasses, hosta plants, and hemerocallis.  They have more than 200 varieties of hosta plant which are categorised into very large hosta plants, large hosta plants, medium hosta plants and small and dwarf hosta plants. Orders can be placed and paid for online.

Bali-Hai Nursery

Bali-Hai Nursery are a specialist mail-order hosta nursery based in Northern Ireland.  Last year they won a DTI award for the best sales and marketing online in Northern Ireland.   They have a comprehensive range of hosta plants including many new introductions such as Hosta “Blazing Saddles” and Hosta “Blue Beard”.  Orders and payments through the website or by post.

Claire Austin Hardy Plants

Claire Austin Hardy Plants have a plant nursery in Shawbury in Shropshire.  Claire Austin has been growing and selling garden plants for 20 years.   Although hostas is not a particular specialty this plant nursery does sell a good range of the more popular hosta plants including the hosta plant “Fire & Ice”,  hosta plant “Big Daddy” and the hosta plant “Patriot.  Orders can be placed through the website or by mail order.

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