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There are two types of peony plants.  The tree peony is shrub whereas the herbaceous peony dies back each year and is therefore a perennial.  However as the same nurseries tend to supply both types of peony plants they are both included below.

Thompson & Morgan

Thompson & Morgan, based in Sudbury, Suffolk were founded nearly 150 years ago.  They have a large selection (almost 40 varieties) of bareroot peonies available including both tree peonies and herbaceous peony plants.

Crocus Online Garden Centre

Crocus, based in Windlesham, Surrey, has a good selection of peonies available including both tree peony plants (eg. Paeonia “High Noon” which ideal for beginners) and herbaceous peony plants (eg. Paeonia lactifolia “Bowl of Beauty”.  Full details are provided for of the peony plants.  Online ordering. 

Claire Austin Hardy Plants

Claire Austin Hardy Plants have a plant nursery which specialises in irises, peonies (paeonia)  and herbaceous perennials in Shawbury in the Shropshire.   They have a very wide range of herbaceous and tree peony plants together with cultivation information for your peony plants. The tree variety includes the american lutea tree peony, french tree peony, japanese tree peony and chinese tree peony. Orders for peony plants can be placed through the website or by mail order.


Kelways nursery, based in Somerset, has a wide selection of peony plants – both herbaceous and tree peonies.  Herbaceous peony plants are despatched bare-root over the winter months, whereas tree peony plants are available all year.  Herbaceous varieties include Paeonia “Kelway’s Daughter” and Paeonia “Kelway’s Majestic”.  Orders for your peony plant can be placed and paid for online or by post.

Peony Passions

Peony passions is a mail order peony nursery based in Ireland specialising in chinese tree peonies such as the paeonia suffruticosa hybrids and paeonia rockii hybrids.  This peony nursery also sell several varieties of herbaceous peony plant.   Orders can be made by using the email form on the website.

Woottens Plants

Woottens are a specialist garden nursery base in Wenhaston in Suffolk with a range of about 3,000 perennials.  These include almost 30 peony plants   including peony “Pink Dawn”,   peony “Red Charm” and peony “Yellow Crown”.   Order and pay for peony plant online or pay by post if you prefer.


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