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Pond Plants – Current Offers & Six Top Suppliers 2009

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Whether you want plants for a new wildlife pond, or one that needs rejuvenating you will find a wide range of aquatic plants (including many water lilies) to buy in the sites listed below.

Stapeley Water Gardens

Stapeley Water Gardens have been at the forefront on water gardening for the last 40 years, and welcome more than a million visitors a year to their water gardening centre near Nantwich.  There they hold the national collection of water lilies.  Aquatic plant categories in their online catalogue include several types of water lily plant as well as marginal plants, floating plants, aquatic plant collections, and poolside plants.  Online ordering.

Paul Bromfield Aquatics

Paul Bromfields Aquatics have been selling aquatic plants for 30 years. Based in Hitchin they are specialist growers.  They have an enormous range of aquatic plants including more than 400 varieties.  They believe they have the best collection of water lilies in the UK, including white water lily plants, pink water lily plants, red water lilies, yellow water lilies and variable water lily plants.   Online ordering.

Merebrook Pond Plants

Merebrook Pond Plants believe themselves to be the UK’s premier supplier of aquatic plants including many rare and unusual varieties.   Their catalogue includes full colour photos of their marginal plants, aquatic plants and water lilies.   There is also useful information on caring for your plants.  Online ordering – you can pay by phone or post if you prefer.

Mickfield Water Garden Centre

Mickfield Water Garden Centre have more than 30 years experience of water gardening.  All their aquatic plants are grown in their own water garden nursery in Debenham, Suffolk.  Pond plant categories include marginal plants, water lilies in orange, red, pink, white and yellow and bog plants.  Online ordering.

Bennets Water Gardens

Bennets Water Gardens are based in Weymouth, Dorset.  Their aquatic nursery, alongside the gardens, grows a wide selection of plants.  Categories of pond plant include water lilies (including a vigour guide),  oxygenator weeds, shallow water marginals, deepwater marginals and bogside plants.  Ordering and payment for your aquatic plants can be through the website, by phone or post.

Wetland Plants

Wetland Plants, based near Hereford, grow and sell aquatic plants.  Their range includes water lilies, moisture loving plants & bog plants,  marginals, deep water plants and British native aquatic plants.   They also sell a wildlife pond starter kit.  You can order and pay for your purchases through the website.

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