Rose Bushes – Six Top UK Online Suppliers

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Rose bushes are widely available by mail order.  So why not buy yours from some of the country’s leading growers?   There is a huge variety of bushes available from the websites listed below.  

Peter Beales Roses

Based in Norwich, Peter Beales Roses have one of the largest available rose collections in the world.  They have over 1300 varieties including shrub roses (hybrid tea roses), bush roses (floribunda roses), climbing roses, rambling roses and ground cover roses.  Roses can be selected by family, size, date of introduction or colour.   Orders can be placed through the website or by phone or mail order.

David Austin Roses

David Austin Roses is famous for its collection of english roses.   Based in Albrighton in the West Midlands,  they have one of the largest rose breeding programmes in the world.  Their catalogue includes more than 900 different bushes including english roses, old roses, climbing , rambling and species roses.  Orders can be placed through the website or by mail order.

Apuldram Roses

Apuldram Roses was started 30 yrs ago and grows its roses on farmland near Chichester harbour.  They have more than 400 varieties of roses,  including hybrid tea, floribunda, shrub, patio (miniature), climbing, rambling and ground cover roses.  Order and pay through the website but you can send your payment by post if you prefer.

Harkness Roses

Harkness Rose Nursery is based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.   Bushes can be ordered at any time of year.   To aid your selection all roses have perfume ratings and stars indicating ease of cultivation.   Their categories including the scented floorshow (ground cover roses),  rose collections and standard roses as well as hybrid tea,  shrub, patio and climbing roses.  Order and pay through the website, by phone or mail.

Pococks Roses

Pococks roses are specialist rose growers based in Hampshire.  They produce more than 60,000 rose bushes (450 varieties) in their fields each year and can find you roses for most garden situations.   Rose types include patio or miniature, english, french,  rennaisance, ground cover,  climbers and rambling roses.  Order and pay through the website or by phone. 

Rumwood Nurseries & Garden Centre

Rumwood Nurseries are specialist rose and hedge growers selling both to the trade and public.   They have been selling roses by mail order for 35 years.  Choose a specific rose bush via the A-Z listing or select from rose types including hybrid tea floribunda ,  english, miniature, climbing patio, patio garnett, or standard roses.   You can order through the website or if you prefer by fax, phone or mail order.   

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