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Creating a wildflower meadow is very rewarding.  Flower meadows don’t need to be very large. Many people now have sown meadow seeds in an area of their back garden.  

Below you will find seed merchants supplying wildflower seeds.

Suttons Seeds

Suttons was established 200 years ago.  They offer a range of seeds for wildflowers.   This range includes wildflower seed mixtures such as an annu al mixture, meadowland mixture (for flower meadows), wildlife mixture and packets of individual variety seeds such as field cornflower, wild pansy and field poppy.  Order & pay for your seeds through the website or by phone or post.

Scotts Wild Flowers

Scotts Wild Flowers, based in Cumbria, provides a great deal of information about the wildflower meadow – including what wildflowers will be found in spring meadows, summer meadows and cornfield meadows.   They sell mixes of both English meadow seeds and Scottish meadow seeds – for different types of soil.   Order and pay for your seeds by post.

Yellow Flag Wildflowers (Wildflowers UK)

Yellow Flag Wildflowers, based near Gloucester,  offer more than 10 varieties of wildflower meadow mixes (with or without grasses). You can use a meadow mix calculator to determine which meadow seeds are best for your needs and how much you require.  They also have more than 20 collections of wild British seeds for various situations or purposes (eg attracting butterflies, scented wildflowers).  Order and pay for your seeds online, or pay by post if you prefer.


Naturescape sell a variety of British wildflowers as seeds and plants. Seeds are available as packets of individual species,  collections of seed tray packets,  or various seed mixtures. There are wildflower seed mixtures available for  many types of wildflower meadow. including spring meadows, long season flower meadows,  mixtures suitable for woodlands, wetlands and many more situations. Online ordering.

Design by Nature

The stated aim of Design by Nature of Leominster is to encourage people to grow wild flowers whether in a cottage garden type border,  wild corner of the garden or by reintroducing wild flowers to orchards, meadows and woodlands.  There are many types of wildflower seed mixtures available and information on how to produce flower meadows.   Order and pay for your seeds through the website or by phone.

MAS Seed Specialists

MAS Seed Specialists is a family-owned business based in Wiltshire, supplying mainly wildflower seed, wildflower plug plants and wildflower bulbs. There are a good variety of wildflower meadow mixes as well as packets of individual wildflower seed such as cornflower, corn marigold, field scabious and red campion to name but a few.    Order and pay for your wildflower seed through the website or pay by phone if you prefer.

Other Websites Selling Wildflower Seeds

Boston Seeds

Large range of grass seed, lawn seed, wildflower seed and meadow mixtures.

Design by Nature

Specialises in over twenty different mixtures of conservation grade wildflower seed and wildflower bulbs.

Scotia Seeds

Scotland’s only commercial producer of native seeds for wildflowers.

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