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Garden compost and mulches (such as bark chips, ornamental gravels) are bulky heavy products.  This is why they can be expensive to buy through the internet. 

However if you want specialist products or a large quantity, or just can’t face hauling compost bags from the garden centre, it could be a good option.

Crocus Online Garden Centre

Crocus, is now a well-established online garden centre and supplies a range of garden products as well as plants. Bagged products including woodchip bark mulch, cocoa shell, farmyard manure, topsoil and a range of composts including ericaceous, tub and basket , and peat-free. Brands include Westland, Miracle Gro and J.A.Bowers.


M.J Giddings is a family-run business which has been a major supplier of garden and landscape products since the 1970s.  They supply to many garden centres but can also supply direct to gardeners.   Their prices include delivery to most UK addresses.  The range of composts includes John Innes, organic multi-purpose, and ericaceous. They can also provide peat, topsoil and horse manure.  Bark chips, blue slate, highland pebbles, cotswold stone are also available.

CPL Distribution

CPL Distribution are a major UK company which primarily supplies solid fuel from its 50 depots around the UK.   They also use this distribution network to deliver horticultural products direct to gardeners, including multi-purpose composts (Levingtons, Westland, Miracle Gro),  manures and bark mulches.  Composts include peat-free, John Innes, ericaceous, and basket. They also sell grow-bags.

Turf and Stuff

Turf and Stuff are national suppliers of bulky garden products.  All prices include delivery.    The supplies are made in bulk rather than in small bags.   Products include organic manures such as composted bark,  compost, spent mushroom compost, cow manure, and soil improvers for clay or heavy soil.   They also sell a range of decorative gravels and lawn turf.

AHS Direct

AHS Direct have for many years being supplying garden composts, bark chips,  and other mulches and soil improvers to the gardening industry.   They now have an online garden centre which can supply a range of composts including multi-purpose, ericaceous, and organic peat-free. They can also supply farmyard manure, ornamental bark chips, colour chips, and decorative pine chips.

Capital Gardens

Capital Gardens boasts London’s largest chain of garden centres.  They have now had an online store for 5 years.    They can supply a range of garden composts (generally in small bag) including bulb fibre, bonsai, orchid, cactus, citrus, john innes, baby bio houseplant and new horizon multi-purpose. 

Other Websites Selling Compost & Mulch

Ferndale Lodge

The sister company of Suttons Seeds. Sell all-purpose compost, neo-peat coir blocks, supagrow manure and pelleted manure.


Supply a range of bark mulches

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