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Compost bins enable you to make your own garden compost which is both much more economical than buying it and more eco-friendly.  There is a good range of compost bins available from tumblers to beehives.


Greenfingers is one of the UK’s leading online gardening stores.   Their range includes a slatted design which can be very simply slotted together,  a beehive composter and a new garden bin tidy/composter from the Forestry Stewardship Council.  They also sell Garotta compost-maker which accelerates the natural process of composting.

The Recycle Works

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The Recycle Works believe they are the only UK company dedicated to supply, design, manufacture, and develop domestic composting equipment.   They supply a range of modular wooden bins, lids and duvets, leaf mould bins, tumblers and other composting products such as composting worms.

British Eco

British Eco is  a young company aiming to be one of the UK’s leading suppliers of solar-powered products, garden products, ecofriendly products and outdoor products.   They provide a range of bins and associated composting products including a swedish design, a worm-bin composter, an insulated compost bin and handcrafted wooden bins.

Ferndale Lodge

Ferndale Lodge are the sister company of Suttons Seeds and provide garden equipment.   Their selection of includes a circular compost bin, an envirocycle composter, modular wooden bins, a tumbler compost maker, timber bins and ventilated bins. Other composting products include a wormery and a kitchen compost caddy.

Wiggly Wigglers

Wiggly Wigglers offer a range of composting products.  There are beehives (or the baby beehive bin) for those looking for an elegant solution, and modular bins for those who need a garden workhorse. They also offer a range of composting extras including worms and composting accelerators.

Archwood Greenhouses

Archwood Greenhouses, based in Hertfordshire, provide a range of wooden bins, which can be single or slatted.  The bins can be provided as single, double or triple units.  They can also provide lids, bespoke bins, beehives, and other composting products.


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