Garden Fertilisers (including organic) – Six Top UK Websites


Six of the best sites for

There is a large range of fertiliser products for gardens and plants available through the websites listed below.  These include fertilisers for general use, specific plants or lawns and trace elements.


Greenfingers is one of the UK’s leading online gardening stores.  They stock a selection of products including organic plant foods, soluble, granular, and hanging basket fertilisers, bonemeal, poultry manure,  controlled-release plant foods, garden lime, growmore and organic tomato food. These include many well known brands of including Osmocote, Chempak, Phostrogen, Tomatorite and Baby Bio.

Crocus Online Garden Centre

Crocus, is now a well-established online garden centre and supplies a range of garden products as well as plants.  Their range of garden fertilisers includes specific products for lawns, or particular plants and general fertilisers (poultry manure, bonemeal, growmore, and controlled-release plant foods). 

DIY Tools

DIY Tools  is the online division of Taylor Bros based in Liverpool and established since 1839.  They are rapidly becoming one of the major internet suppliers for DIY Tools and Gardening Equipment.  They sell Phostrogren plant food and swellgel,  Baby Bio indoor plant food,  tomato plant food from Levingtons and Doff, and a range of Miracle Gro products.

Capital Gardens

Capital Gardens boasts London’s largest chain of garden centres.  They have now had an online store for 5 years.   The range of includes general fertilisers such as rootgrow, bonemeal, growmore, multi-purpose feeds and tomato food.  There is also a range of specific plant feeds including rose fertilisers, ericaceous plant fertilisers, and lawn feeds.

Ferndale Lodge

Ferndale Lodge are the sister company of Suttons Seeds and sell garden equipment.   Their selection of plant food includes pelleted manure,  2 in1 gel and feed for containers and baskets,  specific products for clematis, fuchsias, tomatoes and strawberries, and mineral supplements include sequestered iron and sulphur.

Other Websites Selling Fertilisers

Bod Ayre Products

Natural fertilisers and animal feed supplements made from seaweed around Shetland’s coast


Liquid plant fertiliser – PlantGlo is a liquid starter and foliar fertiliser.

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