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Garden Ornaments – Current Offers & Six Top Suppliers 2009

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Six of the best sites for

Garden ornaments are widely available and include bronze statues,  stone features, wooden sculptures, sundials, buddhas and so on.  


Greenfingers is one of the UK’s leading online gardening stores.    They stock a varied range of features including bronze sculptures, statues, mirrors (including illusion mirrors),  cast iron stepping stones, sundials, birdbaths, and letterboxes.

Beneath the Trees

Beneath the Trees aim to offer a variety of features designed to catch the eye.    Their range of features bronze statues (including a couple of buddhas),  sundials, ironwork, leadwork, pots and urns, and granite.   They also have a variety of sculptures, bowls, seats, birdbaths and sundial stands.

Japan Garden

Japan Garden offers a large variety of decorative features suitable for a japanese style garden.  These include rocks, stone stacks, large feature stones, carved granite statues, hand-carved stone pagodas, buddha statues,  bronze statues and sculptures,  black granite ornaments, traditional granite lanterns and japanese metal shrine lights.


Haddenstone describe themselves as the world leading manufacturers of fine ornaments and architectural cast stonework.   They have an extensive range of stonework including many statues and sculptures.    These include urns, vases, birdbaths and sundials.   They also have a range of contemporary stone features.

Crocus Online Garden Store

Crocus, is now a well-established online garden centre and supplies a range of outdoor products as well as plants.  Their range includes stone and   bronze sculptures, illusion panels (including gates and windows), sundials, willow structures, reflecting sculptures and steel orbs.

Antique Garden

The Antique Garden, based in Grosvenor Garden Centre, was established by an antiques dealer and keen gardener.   They buy and sell features in terracotta, metal and iron, stone, wood and galvanised steel.   Stonework include sundials and statues.  The galvanised steel features nclude dutch baths and mop buckets!

Other Websites Selling Garden Ornaments

The Garden Factory

Statues, sculptures, novelties, urns, postboxes, birdbaths.

Courtyard Sundials

Armillary sundials, flat sundials, wall-mounted sundials, plinths and pedestals.

Art Outside

Unique and inspirational things to live outside – sculptures, pots, carved wood, memorials, sundials, bird baths and much more.

Garden Utility

Stone garden ornaments – A range of contemporary classics designed to age beautifully and last a lifetime

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