Garden Pest Control – Six Top UK Online Suppliers


The websites listed below all supply organic products and some of them also supply traditional pesticides (both fungicides and insecticides).


Greenfingers is one of the UK’s leading online gardening stores.   They stock a range of deterrents and traps for animals, cats, moles, vermin, flies, and a variety of products to deter slugs  and snails.  There is also a selection of pesticides (insecticides, weedkillers and fungicides) including both organic and chemical products.

Just Green

Just Green is a website dedicated to natural green environmentally friendly gardening.  They sell an extensive range of natural predators for organic control (mites, wasps, ladybirds etc) for specific pests including aphids and slugs.  They can also provide non-toxic insecticides, a range of fly traps (for thrips, codling moths etc) and barriers for controlling insects and slugs.

Garden Direct

Garden Direct is the mail order division of the leading suppliers of fertilisers – Chempak.  They now have an online store of diverse garden products including many pesticides.  These include fungicides such as Bio Multirose concentrate (which also contains a natural insecticide),  Rose Clear, and copper fungicide.   The range of insecticides for the control of ants, aphids, whitefly etc. includes Derris Dust  which is a natural insecticide.

Two Wests & Elliott

Two Wests & Elliott, established 30 years ago, aim to provide the widest range of garden supplies around.    The range of products to control pests includes insect pest controls including fly traps, fly screens and insecticides; animal pest controls including traps for slugs, nemaslug, and mole bulbs; biological products (organic pest control) including ladybirds, lacewings etc; and ultrasonic productss.

Harrod Horticultural Products

Harrod Horticultural are a division of Harrod Ltd established more than 50 years ago.  They supply a range of products to control pests including humane traps for mice, rats, moles and squirrels.  They also supply a range of biological organic products such as nematodes (for slugs, vine weevils, leatherjackets and chafer grubs) and ladybirds for control of aphids.  They also sell slug traps, fly traps and bird scarers.

Crocus Online Garden Centre

Crocus, is now a well-established online garden centre and supplies a range of garden products as well as plants.  They can supply a range of natural organic pest control products to control pests. These include products such as ladybirds (for aphids),  parasitic mites,  nematodes (for slugs), and ultrasonic pest repellers.   They can also provide a range of pesticides (fungicides and insecticides).  


Other Websites Selling Pest Control Products

Grovelands Online

Range of products including many animal deterrents – cats, moles, foxes etc.

Ferndale Lodge

The sister company of Suttons Seeds. Sell cat and mole deterrents, insect repellents, slug and snail deterrents, and other pest control products.

DIY Tools

Selling electronic and chemical products including insecticides, fly traps, animal deterrents, vine weevil killer, bio-multirose and many others.

The Cosy Slug Hutt

Catches snails as well as slugs, and we also offer it to those of you who wish to take care of your soil, children, food, pets and birds.

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