Garden Supplies – Six Top UK Online Suppliers


These includes plant supports, hanging baskets, plant labels as well as propagation and plant protection products.


Greenfingers is one of the UK’s leading online gardening stores.   They stock a range of garden supplies including weedkillers, lawn care products, propagation supplies, plant food, plant supports, pots, planters and greenhouse equipment.

Two Wests & Elliott

Two Wests & Elliott, established 30 years ago, aim to provide the widest range of garden supplies around.  The range includes plant supports, plant labels, hanging baskets, plant pots, seed trays, fruit cages.  Greenhouse supplies include shelving, staging, plant propagators, heaters, and ventilation and shading. 

Harrod Horticultural Products

Harrod Horticultural are a division of Harrod Ltd established more than 50 years ago.  They stock a range of garden supplies which include plant supports, hanging baskets and planters,  plant labels and tags, garden netting and plant protection.  Greenhouse supplies include heaters, insulation, aluminium staging,  alpine benches, shelving, plant propagators and ventilation supplies.



Rootrainers are deep seed trays divided up into segments which can be opened like a book.  This allows gardeners to inspect growth and also remove the plants easily without damaging the roots.  This website provides a range of rootrainers as well as other garden supplies such as soil conditioners, coir products, plant protection, greenhouse staging, plant ties, growpots and rooterpots.

Ferndale Lodge

Ferndale Lodge are the sister company of Suttons Seeds and sell garden equipment.   Their products include a wide selection of hanging baskets and planters,  plant labels,  seed trays (full size, half size and quarter size seed trays), pots, dibbers, root-trainers, plant ties, canes and other plant supports.  They all sell propagators, mulch fabrics, fleeces, cloches and coldframes.

Crocus Online Garden Centre

Crocus, is now a well-established online garden centre and supplies a range of garden products as well as plants.  Their product range includes hanging baskets, plant pots, pot feet, planters, screens & trellis, plant ties, plant labels, plant propagators, mesh & netting, canes and stakes, thermometers, and heaters.

Other Websites Selling Garden Supplies


Greenfingers products include plant supports, general plant care supplies and propagation equipment.

Eric the Panda

“Plants drooping? Don’t use panda food. Use Panda Stix! the rot-proof plant support system made from recycled plastic he environmentally and Panda friendly alternative because they are ‘green’ they are available in green and many other colours.” – Eric the Panda


“A flexible lawn edging system which gives immaculate, low maintenance edges all year round. The best plastic lawn edging system in earth.” – Smartedge

Greenaway Direct

High quality forestry, horticultural, landscaping and gardening products.

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