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Greenhouses – Current Offers & Six Top Suppliers 2009

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Greenhouses are widely available on the Internet with UK greenhouse suppliers selling a range of brands from the major manufacturers.   As choosing the right greenhouse is not an easy decision you will find that greenhouse suppliers are normally happy provide advice.

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Greenhouses UK

Greenhouses UK have been actively involved in the greenhouse trade for more than 20 years and are one of the leading greenhouse suppliers in the UK.  They supply a huge range of models from major manufacturers including Alton, Elite, and Robinsons These include a lean-to , mini or patio, octagonal models. Models come in a wide variety of sizes including large structures for the professional gardener.

Greenhouses Direct

Greenhouses Direct describe themselves as the UK’s leading greenhouse suppliers and manufacturers.  They have a show site displaying nearly 30 different models.  They manufacture the Rhino brand and also sell other brands such as Europa Manor,   FAWT (octaganal designs) and Elite.  They can supply lean-tos, compact, and large professional models.

Two Wests and Elliott

Two Wests & Elliott, established 30 years ago, aim to provide the widest range of greenhouse and gardening products around.  Their range of greenhouses includes a patio greenhouse range, the Oasis modular range, the free-standing and lean-to Elite ranges,  the free-standing and lean-to Halls ranges.   

Greenhouse Bonanza

Greenhouse Bonanza sell a range of models from a small compact 6’ x 4’ greenhouse for the first-time gardener to a 65’ greenhouse for the professional grower!  The range includes a variety of free-standing models, compact models, and a heptagonal greenhouse.  The lean-to greenhouse range includes sizes from 2’ x 4’ to 6’ x 12’.

The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company

The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company is an independent UK-wide distributor.  They supply a range of alumininium models (include Elite and Halls greenhouse range) and a timber models such as Alton (cedarwood).   They also sell deluxe models (Janssens Helios Victorian greenhouses) and a lean-to greenhouse range.


Shedstore are a division of Guardian Buildings based in Reading.   They sell Halls and Eden brands and a traditional leaded range from Waltons.    This includes a good variety of lean-to structures (including the wall garden greenhouse), and freestanding structures of every shape and size (shapes include hexagonal and heptagonal!). 

Other Websites Selling Greenhouses

Taylors Garden Buildings

Top brands – Halls, FAWT, Eden, MBP.

B & Q Online

Full range of budget models.

DIY Tools

Budget to professional models..

Barretts Greenhouses Online

Top brands including Alton, Eden, Elite, Robinsons, Halls and Malvern.

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