Hydroponics Kits, Lights – UK online suppliers listing 2011


3 Counties Hydroponics

We sell a wide range of top quality hydroponics equipment from our shops in Dundee, Scotland and Henley-on-Thames, Oxon and from our website. Established in 1991, we have the experience to confidently offer guidance to both new and experienced

  • The Best Nutrients on the Market Today
  • The Best Starter Kits on the Market
  • Our additives are used to enhance growth
  • Hydroponic accessories at low prices
  • Wilma Systems – 4,8,10,16,20 plant vers.


“Aquaculture Ltd is one of the UK’s leading hydroponics suppliers. Simply gardening without soil, hydroponics allows you to grow bigger, better and healthier plants – faster than you can in soil. No soil, no mess, there’s no digging or weeding…”

  • Complete range of hydroponics equipment
  • Complete grow kits, propagation
  • nutrients, growth enhancers, grow lights
  • Ventilation fans and filters

Holland Hydroponics

“Established for over 10 years we supply a full range of indoor gardening supplies including horticultural lights, fans, hydroponic growing systems, artificial and organic growing media, tailored fertilisers for many applications, disease…”

  • NFT: Nutriculture, Ikon, multiducts
  • Drip: Wilma, Ikon, DIY, Aquafarm
  • Deep water: Oxypot, O2XS, DIY
  • Ebb & Flood: Multiflow, IWS, NEF
  • Autopot, Ecosystem, Coliseum

GroWell Hydroponics & Plant Lighting Ltd

“GroWell Hydroponics are the UK’s leading hydroponics reatialer and mail order company. We have a fully comprehensive range of products from oall of the big names such as Canna, Bio-Bizz and Advanced Nutrients. You can see all of our products …”

  • UK’s leading hydroponics company
  • Massive range – huge stocks
  • Expert indoor growing advice
  • Free catalogue.

Grotec Hydroponics

Grotec Hydroponics. Suppliers of hydroponic systems. Inlcuding NFT systems, Complete Hydroponic Kits. You might come to us for the price, but you will stay for the advice.

  • Full range of hydroponic equipment
  • Aeroponics
  • Lamps, Bulbs, Grow Lights
  • Eco Switches & Timers
  • Nutrients & Supplements


“At Gavsgrow we have over 20 years of experience with degree qualified staff to help you through every stage and any problems, providing unrivalled customer support. We at Gavsgrow pride ourselves on our reputation of indepth knowledge …”

  • All sizes and types of Hydroponic Systems
  • NFT, aeroponic, waterfarms
  • Full spares and accessories stocked
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