Aluminium Greenhouses – Six Top UK Online Suppliers


The majority of greenhouses sold in the UK are constructed from aluminium. They are usually available as plain aluminium (silver colour or “mill finish”) or in green which is more attractive.

Greenhouses Direct

Greenhouses Direct describe themselves as the UK’s leading greenhouse suppliers and manufacturers.  They have a show site displaying nearly 30 different models.  They manufacture the Rhino brand and also sell other brands such as Europa Manor,   FAWT (octaganal designs) and Elite.  They claim on their website to “be the leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouses in the UK offering guaranteed lowest prices on a wide range of quality greenhouses.”

Brands: Europa Manor, Elite, Rhino

Greenhouse Bits

Greenhouse Bits is one of the website of Greenhouses UK have been actively involved in the greenhouse trade for more than 20 years and are one of the leading greenhouse suppliers in the UK.   Their range of aluminium greenhouses range in size from mini-greenhouses to 15′ x 25′ professional greenhouses, including rectangular, lean-to and octagonal greenhouses designs.

Brands: Access, Elite, FAWT, Dovetail, Robinsons

Barretts Greenhouses Online

Barretts Leisure started life over 40 years ago as a family run nursery. They believe they have a good reputation nationally with many orders received by recommendation. They aim to sell their customers “quality products” giving giving as large a choice as possible at an affordable price. They sell a wide range of top brand aluminium greenhouses including those suitable for “dwarf wall” greenhouses.

Brands: Elite, Halls/AGL, Eden, Robinsons

The Conservatory Centre

The Conservatory Centre are based in Chesterfield and operate a nationwide building, construction and survey service. They offer a wide range of aluminium greenhouses from 6′-12′ widths, octagaonal, hexagonal and lean-tos. They normally have several package offers available.

Brands: Europa Manor, Dovetail, Halls/AGL, Eden, Robinsons

The Greenhouse People

The Greenhouse People claim to be one of the oldest greenhouse suppliers with one of the largest ranges of colours and manufacturers. Their aluminium greenhouses include lesser known brands such as Hercules and Peak Greenhouses as well as the popular Halls and Robinsons brands.

Brands: Hercules, Peak Greenhouses, AGL/Halls, Robinsons

The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company

The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company is an independent UK-wide distributor.  They supply a range of alumininium greenhouses (both freestanding models, and lean-to models) including the AGL/Halls “Atrium” model and the Eden heptagonal model. They also supply the high quality Janssens greenhouses (including dwarf wall versions).

Brands: Elite, Robinsons, Janssens, Eden, AGL/Halls


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