Lean to Greenhouses – Six Top UK Online Suppliers

A lean to greenhouse is a great option if you have insufficient space for a freestanding greenhouse, particularly if you have a south-facing wall. They come in all sizes from small “wall-gardens” to large structures which can also be used as conservatories or garden rooms. If you are looking for a small lean to you should also check out mini-greenhouses.


Shedstore offer a wide range of greenhouses including many lean to models. You can choose to display only models within a certain price band which makes it easy to see which fall into your budget range.

Greenhouses Direct

Greenhouses Direct describe themselves as the UK’s leading greenhouse suppliers and manufacturers.  They have a show site displaying nearly 30 different models.  They sell the Europa Manor lean to greenhouses which come in sizes from 2′ x 6′ to 6′ x 12′ and the Elite “Kensington” greenhouse range.

Brands: Europa Manor, Elite

Greenhouse Bits

Greenhouse Bits is one of the website of Greenhouses UK have been actively involved in the greenhouse trade for more than 20 years and are one of the leading greenhouse suppliers in the UK.  They sell the Dovetail “Courtyard”, “Terrace” and “Senator” lean-to models together with others from Elite and Robinsons.

Brands: Elite, Robinsons, Dovetail/Headon

Barretts Greenhouses Online

Barretts Leisure started life over 40 years ago as a family run nursery. They believe they have a good reputation nationally with many orders received by recommendation. They aim to sell their customers “quality products” giving giving as large a choice as possible at an affordable price. They sell the Elite “lean-to” models including the Kensington, and the “Windsor” (which is suitable for lower walls such as sheds or garages) and the wall-garden type greenhouse “Easygrow”), the Robinson 5′ wide lean-to greenhouse, and the wooden lean-tos from Alton.

Brands: Alton Greenhouses, Robinsons, Elite

The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company

The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company is an independent UK-wide distributor.  They supply a range of lean-to greenhouses in aluminium such as the AGL/Halls “Europa” and “Silverline” models. the “Supreme” wall-garden and a polycarbonate structure from Gardman. They also sell a number of wooden or cedar lean-to structures including one with “Dutch light” sides.

Brands: AGL/Halls, Alton, Malvern, Elite, Robinsons

Garden Buildings Direct

This site is part of the Kybotech group which is an online and mail order retailer.   They provide a number of aluminium lean-to greenhouses including the Halls “Silverline” model and a numer of structures from Elite.

Brands: Elite, AGL/Halls

Other Suppliers


Two Wests & Elliott

Ferndale Lodge



Taylors Garden Buildings

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