Mini Greenhouses – Six Top UK Online Suppliers


Mini greenhouses is a generic term used for small greenhouses with PVC covers, wall gardens (which are essentially large glazed cupboards which are set against an outside wall), and various other small glasshouses.

Greenhouse Bits

Greenhouse Bits is one of the website of Greenhouses UK have been actively involved in the greenhouse trade for more than 20 years and are one of the leading greenhouse suppliers in the UK.   They sell a range of Access wall-frames and cold-frames, and small lean-to greenhouses from Dovetail/Headon. They also sell a range of “pyramid greenhouses” from Growmate, and “Compact” greenhouses from Elite.

Brands: Access, Dovetail/Headon, Growmate, Elite

The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company

The Incredibly Sensible Greenhouse Company is an independent UK-wide distributor.  They sell a range of PVC “planthouses” which range from the small 3′ high shelving model to a hexagonal freestanding planthouse which has a strong tubular steel green finish frame and heavy duty reinforced cover. They also sell the Access range of coldframes and some small freestanding aluminium greenhouses.

Brands: Elite, Access

Garden Oasis

Garden Oasis are an online garden centre, based in Tamworth who state that their aim is to deliver “quality products at incredibly low prices”.   They sell a number of compact “temporary greenhouses” with PVC covers including the EZ Grow “Pro” tunnel greenhouse which has over 60 square ft of growing room. They also over “mini-greenhouses”, “pop-up greenhouses” and a lean-to planthouse.

Brands: EZ Grow

Two Wests and Elliott

Two Wests & Elliott, established 30 years ago, aim to provide the widest range of garden supplies around. They sell a range of “pop-up greenhouses”, “mini-greenhouses”, PVC “planthouses”, temporary greenhouses (including spare covers) and mini lean-tos.

Brands: Access, Chaselink

Garden Site

Garden Site is the online division of Halls Garden Centres who established their first garden centre near Castle Bromwich in 1952. They sell the Halls/AGL wall garden range (which includes a toughened glass option), and wall-garden lean-tos in two sizes, plus the Multigrow PVC min-greenhouse.

Brands: Halls/AGL, Multigrow


Greenfingers is one of the UK’s leading online gardening stores. Their range of compact greenhouses includes a polycarbonate patio greenhouse, a slimline wooden greenhouse, and a variety of wall-gardens, a small lean-to greenhouse and mini-greenhouses.

Brands: Halls/AGL


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