Box Hedging – UK online suppliers listing 2010

Box Hedging

Buckingham Nurseries

Independent family run nursery/garden centre celebrating its Diamond Jubilee this year. Specialists in bare-root hedging, ornamental and forest trees, fruit trees and soft fruit for despatch throughout Great Britain during the ‘dormant’ season.

  • Wide variety of box hedging (Buxus)
  • Common Box, Dwarf Box
  • Faulkner Box, Green Balloon Box
  • Variegated Box
  • Hedging Planting Distance Calculator

Ashridge Trees

“Ashridge trees is a bare-root & potted plant “Aladdin`s cave”. You will find a huge range of hedging, trees, fruit plants, roses and planting accessories, You save 5% ordering online & there are wholesale discounts on most items.”

  • Dwarf and Common Box Hedging
  • Bareroot Plants are Guaranteed
  • Potted Plants are available year round
  • 5% Discount when you order online
  • Free Delivery on orders over £250


“A superb and ever expanding collection of Trees, Shrubs, Climbers, Herbaceous Perennials, Grasses Ferns & Bamboos, Conifers. A wide selection drawn from our own Botanic collection and a lifetimes collecting and from other Botanic & Nursery …”

  • English Grown Box Hedging Plants
  • Bare root available Nov – March.
  • Available to order online.
  • Shaped container grown available.
  • Buxus suffructicosa. (Dwarf Box)


“We specialize in providing top quality plants and related products for the gardening enthusiast all of which are sent out from our plant centre at West Wittering, just south of Chichester on the south coast.”

  • Common Box (Buxus sempervirens)
  • Dwarf Box (Buxus suffructicosa)
  • Bareroot plants
  • Delivered Nov-Mar

Jacksons Nurseries Online

“Jacksons Nurseries are based in Bagnall, Staffordshire, we aim to offer a massive selection of plants and garden items online at very competitive prices. “

  • Many different varieties of Box hedging
  • Different sizes in pots and bare rooted
  • 25-30cm potted Common box
  • Secure online ordering and UK delivery
  • Friendly help and advice available

Hedges Direct

“”Hedges Direct is completed dedicated to hedging. We are specialist grower (the nursery was established in 1947) of a very wide range of hedging species (and in sizes from 20cm to very established 5m tall plants).”

  • Bare root and pot grown Box hedging
  • Buxus Sempervirens
  • Grown on our own nursery
  • From 15cm to 60cm
  • Free delivery

Glebe Farm Hedging

“We supply over 100 varieties of hedge plants and young native trees. These are mostly bare-root plants which are lifted, packed and despatched to order throughout the UK. Most of our business is conducted by mail-order, but customers are welcome…”

  • Common Box
  • Bareroot Plants Available Oct-Mar
  • Also Mature Plants for Instant Hedge

Willows Nursery

“Mail order nursery supplying our own propagated and grown Hardy Cyclamen, Dwarf Box, Common Box and Living Willow plants.”

  • Dwarf Box
  • Common Box
  • Knot edging
  • Box Hedges
  • Maze Plants
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