Laurel Hedging Plants – Six Top UK Online Suppliers

Six of the best sites for

Laurel hedging plants can readily be obtained by mail order. This includes varieties of cherry laurel, Portugul laurel and spotted laurel.

Buckingham Nurseries

Buckingham Nurseries is a garden centre in Buckingham (Bucks) with a well-known established mail order business.   They sell three varieties of cherry laurel hedging plants and also sell Portugul laurel and spotted laurel. Some are sold as bare root plants and others are pot grown.


All4gardens is a Cheshire based family-run business who have a well-established mail-order business. They sell a range of laurel hedging plants including cherry laurel, variegated cherry laurel, Portugul laurel, variegated Portugul laurel, spotted laurel, and the dwarf cherry laurel “Otto Luyken”.

Crocus Online Garden Centre

Crocus Online Garden Centre sell plants and garden products by mail order for delivery throughout the UK. They sell cherry laurel, Portugul laurel, Japanese laurel and spotted laurel. All of which are container grown laurel hedging plants.

Ornamental Tree Nurseries

A family-run retail and wholesale tree nursery which has a 30 acre site in the Herefordshire countryside where they grow most of their own stock, including a both cherry laurel and Portugul laurel. These are available as pot-grown laurel hedging plants, root-balled plants or bare-root plants.

Glebe Farm Hedging

A family-run business based on a farm near Colchester, Glebe Farm offers more than 100 varieties of hedges including common laurel (cherry laurel) and Portugul laurel. These are available as container grown or bare-root laurel hedging plants in a variety of sizes.

Jacksons Nurseries

Jacksons Nurseries are a family-run garden centre based in teh Staffordshire Moorlands. sizes. They have the capacity to grow all of their own plant stock. They sell both the spotted laurel and the common cherry laurel. Both of which are sold as container-grown plants.



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