Leylandii Hedging – Six Top UK Online Suppliers

Six of the best sites for

Leylandii hedging plants can readily be obtained by mail order. You can normally buy common leylandii (Leyland cypress) or golden leylandii (Castlewellan Gold). It is the most popular hedging plant in the UK but remember it must be pruned every year or it will become a monster.

Spalding Plant & Bulb Co

The Spalding Plant & Bulb Company is part of the largest mail-order company for all garden-related products in Europe. They sell a number of hedging plants including leylandii.

Buckingham Nurseries

Buckingham Nurseries is a garden centre in Buckingham (Bucks) with a well-known established mail order business.   They sell both green and golden leylandii plants. They are available as pot grown plants with discounts for larger quantities.

Glebe Farm Hedging

A family-run business based on a farm near Colchester, Glebe Farm offers more than 100 varieties of hedges including green and gold leylandii hedge plants. They sell pot-grown hedge plants in two sizes and also can supply “instant hedge” size rootballed plants over the winter.

Tree Shop.co. uk

Tree-Shop.co.uk is owned by Woodland Improvement & Conservation Ltd which was established in 1937. They sell an extensive range of hedging including green and golden leylandii trees. They are sold in variety of container sizes and as bare-root plants over the winter.

Trees Online

Trees Online is a division of Northern Estates Forestry who have specialised in the design, creation and management of woodlands for many years. They sell green leylandii in two sizes (30-40cm and 100-125cm) and golden leylandii in the smaller size. They are available in packs of hedging trees.

Hedging & Topiary (Wreford Ltd)

This company have a minimum spend of £50 for delivery across the UK. (There is no minimum spend if you visit their nursery). Theysell both common ( Cupressocyparis leylandii) and golden leylandii ( Cupressocyparis leylandii ‘Castlewellan Gold’) in more than 12 different sizes ranging from 60cm to 600cm (6 metres!) either as potted plants or root-balled plants.




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