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Privet hedging plants can readily be obtained by mail order. You can normally buy green privet or golden privet and can sometimes also get silver privet.

Spalding Plant & Bulb Co

The Spalding Plant & Bulb Company is part of the largest mail-order company for all garden-related products in Europe. They sell a number of hedging plants including leylandii.

Coblands Nurseries – Best 4 Plants

Coblands Nurseries grows over a million plants a year in the “coblands” of Kent. They are a well-known for their trade sales but now also have a retail plant centre in Reading and sell online. They have a wide variety of hedging plants including a number of varieties of privet hedging.

Buckingham Nurseries

Buckingham Nurseries is a garden centre in Buckingham (Bucks) with a well-known established mail order business.   They sell both green , golden and silver privet. They are sold as bare root plants, transplants or container grown plants (depending on which variety you require).

Rumwood Nurseries and Garden Centre

Rumwood Nurseries are specialist rose and hedge growers selling both to the trade and public.   They sell the popular green (or oval-leafed privet) and also the wild privet which is suitable for more “natural” plantings. The plants are available in various sizes including as large speciments.

Glebe Farm Hedging

A family-run business based on a farm near Colchester, Glebe Farm offers more than 100 varieties of hedges including privet hedging. They sell green privet, golden privet and wild privet as bare-root hedging plants. Green and golden privet are also available as container-grown plants.

Trees Online

Trees Online is a division of Northern Estates Forestry who have specialised in the design, creation and management of woodlands for many years. They sell wild privet hedging in packs of 10, 50 and 100 plants.

Ornamental Tree Nurseries

A family-run retail and wholesale tree nursery which has a 30 acre site in the Herefordshire countryside where they grow most of their own stock, including a common privet and golden privet hedge plants which are available as bare root plants. Order through the website or phone or mail if you prefer.



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