Grass Seed, Lawn Seed – UK online suppliers listing 2010

Lawn Seed

Online Turf

“We use only the finest sandy soils for growing turf, usually about 80-90% sand. Our grass seeds are of the highest quality STRI rated cultivars. In 1997 Online Turf joined the Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA)…”

  • Wide range of Johnsons Lawn Seed Available
  • Luxury Lawns Seed
  • General Purpose Seed
  • Tuffgrass Seed
  • Shady Purpose Seed

Complete Lawns

“Complete Lawn Services, established in 1975 we operate throughout the UK, and are able to offer you the customer a complete piece of mind. From the sowing .. “

  • Johnsons Lawn Seed
  • General Purpose Lawn Seed
  • Luxury Lawn Seed
  • Shady Place Seed
  • Next Day Nationwide Deliveries


“Turfshop is the online shop for Tillers Turf Company Ltd, lawn turf suppliers since 1983. As the premier UK turf grower and turf supplier we deliver lawn turf .. “

  • Arena Lawn Seed for Family Lawns
  • Lawn King Lawn Seed for Feature Lawns
  • RTF Lawn Seed for Drought & Shade


“Suppliers of fine quality grass seed for Lawns, Landscapes, Sports and Wlidflowers. Also a wide variety of Bulldog Garden tools.”

  • Lawn seed
  • Lanscape seed
  • Sports seed Golf, Cricket, , Bowls etc
  • Wildflower Mixes

Lawnsmith – Lawn Care Experts

“Expert advice and products for DIY lawn care. Full of lawn maintenance and home lawn treatment information, solutions to lawn problems together with a professional range…”

  • Certified grass seed blends for UK Lawns
  • From wet and shady to dry and stoney
  • From play lawns to croquet lawns
  • For new lawns and renovations
  • Bagged in 2, 5 and 10 kilos or larger

Garden Warehouse

“Garden Warehouse stock over 2,500 professional garden products at low prices. From polytunnels & fruit cages; to irrigation pipe & fittings; equipment i.e. wheelbarrows, spreaders, trollies; pond liner, pumps, filters; polythene, ground cover… “

  • GEM grass seed / lawn restorer
  • PRO range of grass seeds
  • Johnsons Quick Lawn
  • Seed to suit all applications

Crocus Online Garden Centre

Crocus Online Garden Centre launched in April 2000 and claim “have grown into the biggest garden website in the UK” They believe they are the only website to offer a significant range of plants.

  • Canada green lawn seed 500g

The Lawn Shop

“The Lawn Shop can provide an excellant range of own label products such as Slow Release Lawn Fertilisers, granular and liquid plus Turf, Grass Seed and Lawn Tools. “

  • Grass Seed Mixtures
  • Family Lawn
  • Fine Lawn
  • Shady Lawn
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