Organic Fertilisers – UK online suppliers listing 2012

The Organic Gardening Catalogue

“The Organic Gardening Catalogue is the official catalogue of the Garden Organic (HDRA), Europe’s leading organic gardening organisation.We are very happy to supply both members and non-members.”

  • Extensive Range of Organic Fertilisers
  • Afalfa Plus, Bonemeal
  • Chase Animal Free Fertilisers
  • Seaweed Fertilisers
  • Organic Lawn Fertilisers

Seaweed Products

“The website explains how the Business began, shows photographs of the harvesting of the seaweed, how it is carried out plus other photos. It explains about the natural seaweed fertilisers for gardeners and horticulturalists. The site has a list of ..”

  • Seaweed Liquid Extract:
  • 100% natural – superb additive for gardens
  • Natural Seaweed Soil Conditioner Granules:
  • contains only 0.25% preservative
  • approved by Scottish Organic Prod. Assoc.

Garden Warehouse

“Garden Warehouse stock over 2,500 professional garden products at low prices. From polytunnels & fruit cages; to irrigation pipe & fittings; equipment i.e. wheelbarrows, spreaders, trollies; pond liner, pumps, filters; polythene, ground cover… “

  • OSMO range of organic fertilisers
  • Organic calcified seaweed
  • GEM organic fertilisers
  • VITAX organic fertilisers

Natural Gardening

“Natural Gardening products have been developed to help enrich garden soil by nurturing a healthy microbial soil population. A fertile biologically active soil provides nutrients for plant growth and helps plants resist fungal disease and insect attack..”

  • Organic fertilisers containing no slaughterhouse w
  • Range includes tomato, lawn and all purpose fertil
  • Stimulates microbial soil population
  • Improves soil structure
  • Child and pet friendly

The Natural Gardener

“We don’t wear hair shirts, eat only home made muesli, make our own shoes or cycle absolutely everywhere, but we do try to think how we can move a little further towards a greener future – simply by not wasting the present. All our gardening aids ..”

  • Seaweed Granules:
  • Natural & Sustainable
  • Neem Natural Fertiliser:
  • Nature’s Natural Fertiliser

Harrod Horticultural Supplies

“Harrod Horticultural Suppliers sell a wide range of garden equipment for the serious gardener and novice alike including fruit cages, timber raised beds, netting, plant supports, garden tools, composting equipment biological pest control and much more.”

  • Organic Plant Foods & Fertilisers
  • Granular Plant Food
  • Liquid Plant Food
  • Neem Fertiliser
  • Lawn Feed

Just Green

“Just Green offers a wide range of Natural Gardening products. We have the widest range of natural pest control products and also specialize in Composting and Wildlife gardening products. We also offer an extensive range of water conservation products”

  • Just Friendly Fungi
  • Just Plant Wash & Conditioner
  • Just Seaweed Feed
  • Wormcast Compost

Gardening Naturally

Gardening Naturally, based in Cirencester, offer a range of natural gardening products including biological pest controls, enviromesh (insect netting for fruit and vegetables), fruit moth traps and other insect traps…

  • Organic Plant Fertilisers
  • Afalfa Plus
  • Agralan Revive
  • Comfrey Pellets
  • Odour Free Comfrey Liquid
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