Organic Fertilisers – UK online suppliers listing 2011

Organic Fertilisers

Tamar Organics

Tamar Organics sells a wide range of organic products including vegetable, herb and flower seeds, soft fruit plants, fruit trees, organic growing supplies and organic pest control products.

  • Coir Bricks, Comfrey Pellets
  • Organic Plant Foods
  • Seaweed Solutions & Granules
  • Pelleted Poultry Manure
  • “Wild Magic” Liquid Plant Food

Two Wests & Elliott

“Two Wests & Elliott aim to provide the widest range of greenhouse and gardening products around by keen gardeners for keen gardeners.”

  • Green Myst Humic Organic Plant Food
  • Water soil or use as foliar feed
  • Contains humic and fulvic acids
  • Improve soil structure and fertility
  • Improves water holding capacity of plants

Secret Seeds

“We are a small Devon based specialist seed company supplying gardeners worldwide. Over 1,500 rare, unusual and beautiful plant species available – mammy difficult to obtain elsewhere. We also have a plant nursery, gardens and a tea-room ..”

  • Grow your own organic fertiliser
  • Green manure seeds
  • Buckwheat, Crimson Clover, Fenugreek
  • Field Beans, Lupins Bitter Blue
  • Mustard & Tares
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