Organic Growing Supplies – UK online suppliers listing 2012

The Natural Gardener

“We don’t wear hair shirts, eat only home made muesli, make our own shoes or cycle absolutely everywhere, but we do try to think how we can move a little further towards a greener future – simply by not wasting the present. All our gardening aids ..”

  • Organic Biodegradable Coir Pots
  • Biodegradable Plugs with Coir Compost
  • Larger Biodegradable Plugs
  • Organic Green Start Sets
  • Biodegradable Troughs & Grow Trays

Garden Boutique

“Stylish gardening accessories, tools, pots, lighting and garden gifts – handpicked by Garden Designer Alice Bowe for the Garden Boutique. Whether you have a big country garden or a tiny windowsill, the site is crammed with beautiful gifts for…”

  • Organic dandelion killer
  • uses salt to kill weeds naturally
  • refillable with kitchen salt
  • easy to use, no bending required

Natural Gardening

“Natural Gardening products have been developed to help enrich garden soil by nurturing a healthy microbial soil population. A fertile biologically active soil provides nutrients for plant growth and helps plants resist fungal disease and insect attack..”

  • Organic water absorbing polymer
  • Releases water slowly allowing longer intervals be
  • Use in containers and hanging baskets
  • Also on newly seeded or turfed lawns


“At Gavsgrow we have over 20 years of experience with degree qualified staff to help you through every stage and any problems, providing unrivalled customer support. We at Gavsgrow pride ourselves on our reputation of indepth knowledge …”

  • organic certified composts
  • organic certified nutrients
  • safe pesticides
  • mycorrhizal fungi
  • recycled plastics

Green Seeds

“We are a small family seed company we specilise in organic vegetable and herb seeds all are packaging and seed packets are 100% recyclable all are seed is produced on farms where no pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers have been used …”

  • Organic seeds
  • Organic Vegetable Seeds
  • Organic Herb Seeds
  • Free catalogue avalable
  • P&P only £2

Active Gardening

“Active Mail Order supply a large range of plant protection and propagation goods as well as useful garden accessories, garden arches and obelisks from leading manufacturers such as Gardman and Haxnicks.”

  • Re-usable Planters for Organic Vegetables
  • Grow potatoes, vegetables, fruit and herbs
  • Designed for growing veg on patios
  • Very little space required

The Organic Gardening Catalogue

“The Organic Gardening Catalogue is the official catalogue of the Garden Organic (HDRA), Europe’s leading organic gardening organisation.We are very happy to supply both members and non-members.”

  • Organic Growing Media
  • Compost Bins, Caddys & Crocks
  • Organic Seeds
  • Weed Control Products

Tamar Organics

Tamar Organics sells a wide range of organic products including vegetable, herb and flower seeds, soft fruit plants, fruit trees, organic growing supplies and organic pest control products.

  • Agralan Paper Plant Trays
  • Fyba Growpots & Growtubes
  • Green Manures
  • “Natures Own” Composts
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