Bamboo Plants – UK online suppliers listing 2011

Bamboo Plants

Hardy Bamboo

“Welcome to Hardy bamboo, multi award winning growers and exhibitors of rare and unusual bamboo, grasses and much more “

  • Bamboo Plants – Starter Collections
  • Rare Bamboo Plantss
  • Bashania, Chimonobambusa
  • Fargesia, Himalayacalamus, Indocalamus,
  • Phyllostachys – Huge Range Available

Binny Plants

“Scotland`s leading plants nursery specialising in Herbaceous plants with over 250 varieties of peonies, 150 different irises plus grasses, ferns and lots of unusual shrubs and trees.”

  • Bamboo Plants- over 20 varieties
  • Chusquea, Indocalamus
  • Phyllostachys nigra, aurea, glauca
  • Fargesia, Pleioblastus, Sasa, Sasella
  • Semi-Arundinaria, Yushania


“Specialist growers of hardy bamboos producing over 100 species and varieties, all pot grown in a range of sizes including large plants for screening. Expert advice available. “

  • Bamboo Specialists
  • Many varieties available
  • Lots of Bamboo information on the website
  • Fargesia, Sasa, Pseudosasa, Phyllostachys
  • Various plant sizes

Coblands Nurseries – Best 4 Plants

Founded in 1963 Coblands Nurseries grows a wide range of shrubs, herbaceous, grasses, ferns and trees in the ‘coblands’ of Kent. These they sell to trade customers, through their retail plant centre and now they are also available to buy online.

  • Golden Bamboo Plants
  • Dense spreading bamboos
  • Non-invasive bamboos
  • Various sizes available
  • Free delivery for orders over £50

The Pot and Grass Company

“The Pot and Grass Company is a small nursery supplying and specializing in a range of over 120 different good quality hardy bamboo, ornamental grasses and cannas and flowering ginger directly to the public, on-line, through the Bamboo Store…”

  • Hardy Ornamental Bamboo
  • Buy on line delivered to your door
  • Phyllostachys Fargesia Hookerania Psuedo
  • Rare blue black green yellow red strippe
  • Large plants 5-50 liters

Jungle Giants

“Our unrivalled knowledge of bamboo makes us the first call for landscape architects, specifiers and garden designers, many of whom are well-known names in the media. Over the years the company has supplied bamboo to botanical gardens…”

  • Large Bamboo Specimens
  • Bamboo Starter Packs
  • Extensive Range of Bamboos
  • Many Rare Bamboos
  • Bamboo for Screening & Hedging, Instant Impact

Scottish Bamboo

“Scottish Bamboo is a family run bamboo nursery based in North East Scotland and is the only specialist bamboo nursery in Scotland. Scottish Bamboo specialise in hardy bamboo plants proven to survive in temperate climates. ..”

  • Over 40 varieties of Hardy Bamboo Plants
  • Bamboo plants for hedging
  • Bamboo plants for containers
  • Ornamental Bamboo
  • Nationwide Mail Order Delivery


“A large selection of perennials, ferns, grasses, bamboo, topiary and garden pots delivered in main land uk.”

  • A large selection of bamboos
  • Bamboos make effective screens
  • Use Perennials in Borders and containers
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