Evergreen Shrubs (Other) – UK online suppliers listing 2010

Evergreen Shrubs (Other)

Wyevale Garden Centres Online

Wyevale Garden Centres are a rapidly expanding garden centre chain and have many stores throughout England and Wales. They now have an extensive online store where you can arrange delivery direct to your home (or garden!)

  • Huge range of shrubs
  • Search by colour, conditions, flowering time
  • Pieris, Phormium, Escallonia
  • Daphne, Luma, Euonymus
  • And many more

Bluebell Nursery

“We are a mail order and retail nursery that specialises in trees and shrubs, including very rare varieties. We also have a beautiful, nine acre woodland garden full of choice plants open daily to the public.

  • Trees and shrubs are our speciality
  • Extensive A-Z index
  • Year round mail order
  • Rare trees and shrubs available
  • Detailed descriptions and photos

Shrubs Direct

“We grow over 2500 types of shrub, tree, perennial, climber, exotic and conifer. All are grown or grown on right here at our own massive nursery. Having grown them we then sell them all direct to the public at very fair prices. We grow all sizes right ..”

  • All types of evergreen shrubs
  • Very large range
  • Huge specimens
  • Great value
  • National delivery service

Coblands Nurseries – Best 4 Plants

Founded in 1963 Coblands Nurseries grows a wide range of shrubs, herbaceous, grasses, ferns and trees in the ‘coblands’ of Kent. These they sell to trade customers, through their retail plant centre and now they are also available to buy online.

  • Huge choice of evergreen shrubs
  • Hebe, Olearia, Euonymus, Mahonia
  • Viburnum, Cotoneaster, Fatsia, Escallonia
  • Pieris, Choisya, Cistus & so many more
  • Free delivery for orders over £50

Halcyon Plants

“Halcyon Plants is a specialist online nursery supplying a range of shrubs, climbers, perennials other plants and gardening sundries. Search for plants online by name, RHS AGM, colour or by category. Secure online ordering and rapid delivery by court.”

  • Cistus by variety, less common and other
  • Evergreen, aromatic lovely flower.
  • Varieties include ‘Paladin’, ‘Sunsett&#
  • The excellent ‘Maculatus’ and more.
  • Free delivery for orders over £50

Junker’s Nursery

“We are a small family-run nursery where advice is freely given, specialising in choice and unusual hardy plants, most of which are woody. We propagate everything that we grow on site and the mother plants can be admired by visitors.”

  • Wide range of Evergreen Shrubs
  • Wide range of sizes
  • All grown on site
  • Advice freely given
  • Delivery easily arranged

Downderry Nursery

“Downderry is home to the most comprehensive National Plant Collections of lavender and rosemary. With over 150 to choose from a range of 350 there’s a lavender or rosemary for everyone. Downderry offers superb choice, unrivalled expertise ..”

  • Lavender – Hardy, Half Hardy, Tender
  • Lavender x angustifolia, Lavender x intermedia
  • Hidcote Lavender, English Laveder
  • Lavendar stoechas – many varieties
  • Lots of Information about Lavender

Dyffryn Nurseries

“We are the best supplier of Mature Specimen and Architectural Plants within the South Wales area. We keep a permanent stock of Evergreen screening and hedging including Laurel, Photinia, Quercus Ilex, Thuja and Bamboo. Our stock range includes Topiary…”

  • Laurel, Photinia, Bamboo
  • Security – Pyracantha, Mahonia, Holly
  • Euonymous, Hebe,
  • Ornamental -Abelia, Pittosporum, Nadina
  • Winter – Corylus, Hamamelis, Cornus
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