Garden Compost, Multipurpose – UK online suppliers listing 2011

Garden Compost

The Natural Gardener

“We don’t wear hair shirts, eat only home made muesli, make our own shoes or cycle absolutely everywhere, but we do try to think how we can move a little further towards a greener future – simply by not wasting the present. All our gardening aids ..”

  • Biodegradable Compost:
  • Coir Compost Discs
  • Wormcast & Coir Compost
  • Organic, Sustainable, Biodegradable

The Online Gardener

“We are the website for a number of independent garden centres around the UK, supplying a wide range of garden sundries, furniture, barbecues and watering equipment.”

  • A number of specialist composts
  • available for Orchid, Citrus and Cactii.
  • A wider range availble in selected areas.
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