Pond Plants (Other) – UK online suppliers listing 2010

Pond Plants (Other)

Lilies Water Gardens

“We have been in business for over 20 years and stock a large selection of plants suitable for different water environments and surrounding areas. We cater for ponds, lakes, bog gardens, water meadows, rockeries, herbaceous borders and woodland areas.”

  • Floating Leafed Plants
  • Patio Water Gardening
  • Submerged Plants
  • Bog Garden and Moist Borders
  • Hampton Court Gold Medal Winners

Wetland Plants

“Quality aquatic plants at affordable prices. We grow and sell aquatic plants. Our range of products includes high quality water lilies, oxgenating, marginal,moisture loving, bog, deep water and British native aquatic plants at affordable prices.”

  • Specialists in aquatic plants
  • Marginal plants
  • Moisture-loving & bog plants
  • Oxygenating plants, Floating Plants
  • Deeper Water Aquatics, British Native Aquatics

Merebrook Water Plants

“We are the UK’s premier suppliers of aquatic plants, including many rare, unusual and often difficult to source varieties. We stock a complete range of marginals, deep water aquatics, oxygenators and water lilies and are able to supply mail order.. “

  • Huge range of marginal plants
  • Range includes deep water & oxygenators
  • Unique collection of Louisiana Irises

Stapeley Water Gardens

Stapeley Water Gardens is based in Nantwich, Cheshire. They have a wide range of aquatic plants and products available for sale through their website.

  • Floating Pond Plants
  • Marginal Pond Plants
  • Moisture Loving Pond Plants
  • Deep Marginal Pond Plants
  • Native Pond Plant Collections

Waterside Nursery

“Waterside Nursery are specialists in water plants for both ponds and miniature varieties for patio pond containers. We supply mail order through our website and through Shows. We put on exhibits in Floral Marquees for the RHS where we obtain Gold…”

  • Full illustrated catalogue online
  • Wide range unusual marginal pond plants
  • Miniature varieties suited to patio pond
  • ‘Pond in a pot’ planting schemes
  • Deep water marginals

Big Fish Aquatics

“Big Fish Aquatics supply quality pond equipment at low prices, direct to your door. Get your pond right first time, our wealth of experience in pond construction and maintenance allows us to provide you with the best advice available seven days a week. “

  • Wide range of pond plants
  • Marginal plants
  • Deep water plants
  • Moisture plants
  • Oxygenating & Floating Plants

Water Meadow Nursery

“A small specialist nursery growing a multitude of beautiful plants. From Water lilies, native & decorative water plants. New rare perennials, Agapanthus breeder, Delphiniums, Iris, Hemerocallis Persicaria, Phlox & many others…”

  • Native Acorus, Alisma Carex, Mentha Aquat.
  • Catha palustris, polypetala, Alba, Reeds
  • Iris laevigata, ensata, Gerald Darby flag
  • Oxygenators, water soldiers Lythrum
  • Rodgersia,Gunnera,Lobelia


We sell pond plants at our online shop

  • Native pond plants
  • Water plants in plug form
  • Aquatic plant collections
  • Plants for bog gardens
  • Wildlife friendly plants
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