Bonsai – UK online suppliers listing 2011


Green Dragon Bonsai

“Mail order supplier of Bonsai trees, tools, pots and accessories. Webite offers useful articles and advice is gladly given FREE of charge. Visitors welcome by appointment.”

  • Indoor Bonsai Trees
  • Outdoor Bonsai Trees
  • Native Bonsai Trees
  • Bonsai Trees

Forest Bonsai

“Suppliers of quality indoor and outdoor bonsai tree and accessories. Mail order specialists.”

  • Hundreds of indoor and outdoor bonsai
  • Flowering and non flowering
  • All sizes supplied
  • Chinese / Japanese / Korean
  • Mail order specialists

York Bonsai

“At York Bonsai we supply bonsai pots, bonsai trees, bonsai tools, bonsai soil and bonsai accessories at realistic prices combined with free advice to make it affordable, accessible and enjoyable”

  • Bonsai Trees
  • Chinese Elm Bonsai Trees
  • Japanese Trees
  • All tools and accessories available

The Bonsai Store

We sell indoor and outdoor bonsai trees, gift sets and tools imported from the far east. Our prices are some of THE BEST IN THE UK for Chinese black finish and chrome plated bonsai tools.

  • Free delivery on all trees
  • Incredibly low prices on all tools
  • Huge range of tools and trees

Spalding Plant & Bulb Company

“Spalding Plant & Bulb Company have over 65 years experience as a garden mail order company.”

  • Bonsai “Carmona”
  • Bonsai “Ficus”
  • Bonsai “Podocarpus”
  • Bonsai “Serissa”
  • Cultivated Works of Art


“We offer a wide range of rare and specimen cacti, feeds, lighting, soils etc Also a great selection of Bonsai trees, large range of pots, akadama, wire and tools Price match offer..”

  • Wide selection of Indoor & Outdoor trees
  • Chinese & Japanese tools – good prices
  • Excellent range of Pots, Soils & Books
  • Stands, Turntables, Feed & all you need
  • Professional & secure packaging


“Indoor bonsai trees, outdoor bonsai trees, Chinese and Japanese bonsai tools, glazed and unglazed high quality bonsai pots….”

  • Indoor and Outdoor Bonsai Trees
  • Flowering, Evergreen and Deciduous Trees
  • Bonsai Pots, Glazed and Unglazed
  • Chinese and Japanese Bonsai Tools
  • Delivered throughout Europe

Bargain Bonsai

“Bargain Bonsai, supplying you with quality Bonsai trees and accessories at amazing prices. I supply Bonsai trees,Bonsai material, Bonsai pots and many other accessories by mail order.”

  • Quality Bonsai Trees & Accessories
  • Indoor, Outdoor & Specimen Bonsai Trees
  • Bonsai Tree Material, Wire, Tools, & Soil
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