Cacti & Other Succulents – UK online suppliers listing 2011

Cacti & Other Succulents

Croston Cactus

“A small, specialist Cacti and Xerophyte nursery in a garden setting. Plant lists (paper) updated annually, web listing more frequently. Mainly mail order but customer visits welcome (please telephone first)”

  • Mexican Cacti
  • Euphorbias
  • Caudiciform Succulents

Cactus Shop

“Online cactus shop. A good selection of cacti and other succulents includind orchid cacti, easter cacti, christmas cacti and echeveria. Also the largest UK selection of cacti hardy in the UK.”

  • Cold-hardy cacti
  • Epiphyllums (Orchid Cacti)
  • Schlumbergera (Christmas Cacti)
  • Hatiora (Easter Cacti)
  • Good selection of desert cacti

Sempervivum by Post

“Sempervivum by Post has a large range of Sempervivum which are available as well-rooted 3cm plugs. Buy on-line using Paypal. Available all year round, to addresses in the UK only.”

  • Sempervivum for sale online
  • Houseleeks for the collector
  • Sempervivum available as plugs

Connoisseurs’ Cacti

“Three 40 X 10.feet glasshouses, full to the gunwales with a very wide variety of cacti and succulents. Site is at Woodlands Farm, Shire Lane, Farnborough, Kent. Phone before visiting as I am not resident at the site. See website for map”

  • Over 500 different cactus plants
  • both young and mature plants
  • best cacti selection in UK
  • Minimum price £2


“We offer a wide range of rare and specimen cacti, feeds, lighting, soils etc Also a great selection of Bonsai trees, large range of pots, akadama, wire and tools Price match offer..”

  • Exellent Range of Varieties & sizes
  • Specimen & Rare Plants
  • Lophophora, Ariocarpus, Astrophytum
  • Seeds, Books, Food, Pest Control
  • Propagation Equipment & Lighting
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