Herbs – UK online suppliers listing 2011

Herb Plants

Marshland Herb Nursery

“We are a mail order nursery supplying a wide range of herbs and scented pelargoniums via our web site and catalogue. “

  • Wide range of herbs supplied bare rooted
  • From a Specialised Herb Nursery
  • Culinary herb collections are available.
  • Herbs can also be sent as gifts.
  • Herb collections also available

Plants with Purpose

“Plants with Purpose Nursery sells unusual herbs, edible wild plants and other useful plants. There is an emphasis on wildlife-friendly plants which reflects our garden design and consultancy emphasis. We also sell craft items (candles, soaps, cards..”

  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Culinary Herbs – large selection of mints
  • Edible Herbs
  • Aromatic and household herbs
  • Huge Range – Many unusual varieties

Jekka’s Herb Farm

“We are the UK’s leading herb growers and have won 59 RHS gold medals, including 12 Chelsea golds. We are a specialist organic nursery, supplying by mail order a vast range of culinary, aromatic, decorative and medicinal herbs.”

  • UK’s most extensive range of herbs
  • Culinary, aromatic, medicinal & decorative
  • Specialist organic nursery
  • 59 RHS gold medals
  • Perennials, annuals, biennials & seeds

Nicholson`s Herb Farm

“A friendly family-run business selling fresh culinary, aromatic and medicinal herbs online. We also sell a range of herb seeds together with themed herb collections (both herb plant and seed collections). Gift vouchers are available.”

  • Culinary, Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs
  • Herbs for the home, kitchen and garden
  • Herb Seeds
  • Time saving themed Herb Collections
  • Overnight carrier for maximum freshness

Brookside Nursery

Established Plant Nursery & Garden Centre located in the historic village of Hints near Tamworth (Staffordshire) We have a great range of Bedding Plants, Container Plants, Shrubs, Perennials, Fruit and Vegetable Plants. All supplied as plug plants ..”

  • Range Of Herb Plug Plants
  • Grow Your Own Herbs From Plugs
  • Easy To Grow

The Really Wild Nursery

“I am a Mail Order Only Wild Plant Nursery. I sell Wild Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, Seeds, Ferns, Grasses, bulbs. I also do Special Gift Packages for the Ideal Gift for someone. I sell in small quanities as well as large on request.”

  • Wide range of herb seeds available
  • Angelica, Chives, Coriander, Cumin, Dill
  • Bronze Fennel, Rocket, French Sorrel
  • Sage, Thyme, Wormwood
  • And many more!

Gardening Imps

“Gardening Imps provide a huge range of good quality children’s gardening equipment, from seeds, to tools to clothing and wellies. (Mail order only). We have the biggest range of kid’s gardening products available all in one place … “

  • Selections of Mixed Herb Plants
  • Selection of Mint Plug Plants
  • Selection of Thyme Plug Plants
  • Selection of Herbs Plug Plants
  • Selection of Lavender Plants

Barretts Bridge Nurseries

“Our product the ‘Swiftplug’ is a 3cm cell, home grown plug plant. Our range includes: Alpines, Perennials, Herbs, Conifers, Shrubs and Clematis. Over 1,000 varieties listed in an availability list mailed monthly. Minimum order 480 plants.. “

  • Over 100 varieties available monthly
  • Over 15 varieties of Lavenders
  • Balm, Chamomile, Fennel, Mints, Rosemary
  • Prices from .24p per plug
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