Tropical Plants – UK online suppliers listing 2011

Big Plant Nursery

“Our nursery specialises in hardy exotic plants such as palms, bamboos, bananas and tree ferns. We also grow and stock a wide range of Japanese Maples, Ginkgos and unusual trees and shrubs, many of which are grafted on our own premises…”

  • Specialists in hardy palms, bamboos
  • ..tree ferns (dicksonia antartica)
  • and other big plants!
  • Also many varieties of Gingko
  • Passionate and helpful staff

Jungle Gardens

“Jungle Gardens is an established Company located in South Oxfordshire, specialising in supplying tropical seeds, tropical tubers/rhizomes and tropical plants.”

  • Great selection of tropical plants
  • Seeds and roots also available
  • Bamboo, Bananas, Canna, Aroids, Citrus
  • Gingers, Palms, Hardy exotics
  • Tropical climbers, Heliconia

The Palm Centre

“The Palm Centre is the UK’s foremost palm nursery for tropical and hardy palm trees, bamboos, tree ferns, hardy bananas, cycads, and many other exotic plants – for garden, home and conservatory. We currently list over 400 species.”

  • The UK’s foremost palm nursery
  • Tropical and hardy palm trees
  • Bamboos, tree ferns, hardy bananas
  • and many other exotic plants
  • for the garden, conservatory & indoors

Easy Tropicals

“Easy Tropicals is a specialist Mail Order Nursery providing an exciting range of exotic and tropical plants for indoors and outdoors”.

  • Exciting selection of indoor and outdoor
  • exotic & tropical plants including:
  • Palms, Bananas, Aroids,
  • Exotic Trees, Grasses, Phormium,
  • Cordylines, Restios, Yucca & Agave

The Palm House

“Mail order nursery based in Devon Specialising in growing Trachycarpus wagnerianus (Palm Trees)”

  • Trachycarpus wagnerianus (palm trees)
  • Cold Hardy Exotic Plants

Carreglefn Nurseries

“Specialists in the Tropical Plant Market, we offer Banana’s, Cannas, Fig Trees, Lemons, Palms, Grapes and Yucca’s, to name but a few. We grow as many of our plants ourselves on site, which ensures they are used to our climatic conditions…..”

  • Tropical Plants & Exotic Plants
  • Bananas Olives Kiwi Lemon Trees
  • Orange Trees, Agaves, Yuccas, Figs
  • Hedychiums and many more
  • Delivered to the door

Terrace Gardener

Exclusive Patio Plants, Topiary trees, Pots and Planters. Buy Planted & Delivered or plants and containers separately. We only sell online.

  • chusan palms, trachycarpus fortunei
  • canary island date palms
  • chamaerops humilis palms, fan palm
  • agave americana, century plants
  • frost hardy palm trees

The Pot and Grass Company

“The Pot and Grass Company is a small nursery supplying and specializing in a range of over 120 different good quality hardy bamboo, ornamental grasses and cannas and flowering ginger directly to the public, on-line, through the Bamboo Store…”

  • Exotic & Rare Ginger Lilies
  • Wide range of Bamboo
  • Flowering Ginger UK Hardy
  • Canna Lilies
  • Delivered directly to your door
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